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Addington Derby night


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Great fields and a brilliant night of Harness ahead.

Going to give these a nudge.

R2  Fire Fox FF$8.50    Place only from the draw as loves running second.

R3  Bettor Grunter. (took it last time and good run from an awkward position. Should have no excuses from a handy draw  FF$4.20

R4  Cardinal Sin   Fresh up and difficult field but has shown ability in limited racing FF$11

R8  Franco Yorik.  (a portfolio horse and hunch bet at FF$23,s. Not the worst.

R9  American Dealer. One tough cookie this guy and up to this despite draw. FF$11,s

R10  Missalysa  . Always throw some dosh on her. On her day in front almost impossible to run down, and she bobs up when least expected. FF$26

R11  Pembrook Playboy  On the up and heading for the top as the short odds suggest in this field. Could easily surprise FF$3.60

R12   Folklore  Not confident but did it tough parked last time and draws the front again. FF$11,s

Happy punting people

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10 minutes ago, Globederby19 said:

One puts their head on the chopping block with picks on an open forum, it is a rather fickle business.:classic_smile:

Surprisingly Rees, people who put up selections PRE Race, gain the respect of a lot of people, other than the idiots

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There was a couple there that had my heart pumping, like Missalyssa, but couldn't go on with it.  Thought Bettor Grunter should have won, and Cardinal Sin,s run was a Black Booker. American Dealer had to much work to do from out there in the Derby but Krug is something else. And my little portfolio horse Franco Yorick ran a tremendous race at long odds for 5th in a strong field. Great night of racing and some money in the bank(finally).

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6 hours ago, Globederby19 said:

R12   Folklore  Not confident but did it tough parked last time and draws the front again. FF$11,s

Good work there to finish the night.

6 hours ago, Globederby19 said:

R10  Missalysa 

I think she needs a decent spell. We have made money off her but she has been going since before Cup Day and is racing like a horse who has lost her zest in the last 2.

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