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Imagine - A NZ track holding 5 meetings in 5 days!


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10 hours ago, ngakonui grass said:

IMO could have been done if it weren't for the shape of the oval shape of our tracks.Gotta blame the oldies for that.

Last time I was at Punchestown it was also roughly oval from memory. Has that changed? It was quite a long time ago.

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Don't know what shape i would call it.If you look at the width of the track they are able to incorporate 2/3 tracks  and move rails around so that same bends aren't uded all the time.

When i referred to shape i was thinking more along the lines of long shutes.With the amount of land some of our clubs originally had this was possible.

I was picturing a d shaped track with many shutes off the oval/circle.

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I think they have a hurdle and steeple course. And every race goes around the entire track (hurdle or steeple) at least once, so the whole track gets very well travelled. They may have a cross country track as well but that is used very rarely.

I don't know what level of rail movements they use - but can't NZ tracks move the rail?

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