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Doug/Chief Stipe


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Hi Doug

I know you take a look in here quite regularly.

Just wanted you to know that you are welcome to register and post here any time you like.

We won't moderate you in any way as long as you behave yourself.

P.S Don't you think it's rather hypocritical to champion free speech when you have Hesi and I on moderation on your site?


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Yet he was reluctant to put the VI on moderation, the mind boggles

By the way, while I am at it

This site costs $70/month to run, Pete and I share that and do so happily.  We will never blib on about it costing us money and how beholding everyone should be to us

Invision handle all the software development, Pete does any housekeeping.

The site looks pretty much the same as BOAY.  BOAY has a few more features that some would say are unnecessary, such as regular news(we are a chat forum, not a news platform).

Different people contribute to Comps, Punting and Punters Clubs on The Race Place, with time and money, which we are grateful for

SO, why the big issue about funding/(on BOAY)

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