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18 hours ago, JustPlodded said:

I have followed the Seahawks for many years and the NFC West looks the most competitive for a while.
I was impressed with SF even though it was only against the Browns. Real pace out wide.
I still favour the Rams to sort out their problems and come right.

This weeks game against SF could possibly give a clue as to how they will go for the rest of the season.

I'm picking the Rams.

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Zach Brown of the Eagles cut after trash talk back fires.

Before the Eagles played the Vikings he said that QB,Kirk Cousins was the weak point in the Vikings offense.

Four touchdowns later he's gone.

Both were former team mates at the Redskins so probaly something went on there.

Best to say nothing.

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16 hours ago, JustPlodded said:

The Chiefs without Mahomes still made Denver look poor. Flacco looks to be going through the motions.
I don’t see any of the AFC West teams going far in the playoffs.
I think the Saints are the most all round team and when Brees gets back will be the hardest competition for New England.

Kansas have a decision to make according to Fox Sports.Keep with Moore or look at getting a new QB in.

Fitzpatrick and Newtons names were being thrown around although you would think that they had a contingency plan for this type of problem.

Moore has been with the Dolphins,Cowboys and the Panthers so i'm picking he will be the man.

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The Dolphins, Bengals and Redskins all win today! 
Luckily the odds on the teams playing them were so small as to make me ignore them as multi options. Looking like the Patriots are going to lose too. 
These wild days do happen about every 4 or 5 weeks. At least the 49ers and Ravens was a good game. 

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