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Cost of running this site


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In case anyone gets concerned about Hesi and I spending truckloads of money and needing charity to stay afloat, rest assured that it costs about $35 each a month to run this site.

Rest assured we are happy to do so and will never get out the begging bowl asking anyone for a contribution. 

Just wanted to set the record straight about the costs involved.


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I guess the only help we need, is in getting a few more people to join.  Probably up to 200 total members in the next 12 months.  That probably gets us to a critical mass, plus just adds a lot more interest to some of the threads we have going if a few more contribute.

Also adds the new zest the comps and quizzes need.  We struggled to get to 40 for PJ's comp, so maybe 10 newbies would be good.  Not everyone's  cup of tea as it is a big commitment but a lot of fun

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