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What would it take to get you back oncourse


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Speaking as someone who went every year to Boxing Day/NYD/Jan 2 at Ellerslie, all the Avondale meetings and regularly to Waikato/Auckland area weekend and midweek meetings, and now, would not even bother

1.  Quality fields of 12 or more

2.  A minimum of 10 top horses racing at the big city meetings.  Have a look back at races like the Queen Elizabeth Handicap on Boxing Day, always had 6-7 top staying handicappers, same with the WFA races.  We get 2 quality horses at Hawkes bay on Saturday, and everyone goes gaga

3.  Bookmakers oncourse, a new one, but wouldn't that just add to the fabric of interest

4.  In the case of picnic meetings with boot parties and picnics, BYO in moderation

5.  In the case of the 2 Ellerslie carnivals, boot parties, picnics and again BYO in moderation

6.  Alcohol at reasonable prices, not 4 times the price you can buy the identical drink at your corner grog shop

7.  Quality food at competitive prices.  Always remember the Avondale twilight meetings, had awesome buffet roast meals, you went just for the roast.

8.  Food trucks, there must be thousands of different ones that ply their business, depending on quality food to get by.  Invite a couple of dozen to each race meeting.

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A move to Sydney or Melbourne. Best standard of racing, best on-course facilities, atmosphere (incl bookmakers), professional administration and public transport.

I say this having experienced most city and provincial racetracks in NZ and Victoria over several decades. NZ has really allowed itself to decline, despite having superior bloodstock and breeding environment (proven again in the Group 1s last weekend).

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