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Trentham and rumours of more land sales.


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Hi racefans.

Just had a phone call from one of my sisters....her friend is a resident of the  retirement village at Trentham and has heard That Summerset ( village operators ) have purchased more land  of the WRC. Has anyone here heard anything and  confirm?.

Where the  retirement village is located the I presume tha only land available would be  up  the chute or possibly the old leger stand area

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Trentham appears to have lost it's allure, the punters graveyard etc etc

Time maybe to think about something more drastic, such as selling the whole lot and starting afresh elsewhere.

3 weeks of racing there coming up, Pitman won't be there for a start, question marks over the track

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4 hours ago, von Smallhaussen said:

Have they found a new track manager yet to replace the poor guy who was made a scapegoat for the incompetant Race group management?

Talking about the Race group - there are rumours circulating about a muddy area 800m out at Awapuni last Saturday - on a dead 4 track 🙄

You would have noted that horses were running wide into and down the straight on Saturday at Awapuni and the ground was cutting out.  In the last week there has been a heat wave but some how the sun is not only melting ice creams it is also melting race tracks.


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