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Roe versus Wade

ngakonui grass

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49 minutes ago, ngakonui grass said:

Gunna be trouble ahead methinks.

What a strange country the usa is turning into.

Was chatting to someone in April, who is a Republican & lives in LA which California is a Democratic stronghold. They said USA in past few years had become so divided. Something they had never seen in their lifetime. To a point they thought there was going to be a civil war. And if so, they would want to partake in this civil war themselves if that happened.

But things thank fully never got that bad, & they also said that things had quietened down & were heading back to normal.

This won’t help things on the path back to normal. 

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It is going to be a test of Chris Luxon's political maneuverability.  It is well known that he is anti abortion because of his Christian beliefs, but he can't say anything, or he is dead in the water.  A lot of women in NZ lol

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Apart from that debate, notwithstanding omicron, the Ukraine conflict, and the Jib shortage, one of the main problems facing NZis the lack of a visible workforce.

We were warned of this many years ago. We were told once the baby boomers reached retirement age, there would be a shortage of caregivers to look after the elderly. 

Not just caregivers ,as it turns out, but doctors and nurses as well as builders , waiter-persons and a whole host of workers who now have the opportunity to demand higher incomes due to their scarcity.

Wage rises cause inflation which is already reaching alarming heights.

The future looks bleak, and yet, into this valley of death rides Christopher Luxon,genuinely believing he can solve the unsolvable.

He should quit while he is ahead.

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