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Winter Super Draft Comp Round 4 - Sat July 23 - entries here


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You need to post two selections for each race listed below with one best bet in NZ and one in Oz. Any scratchings must be replaced by yourself up to one hour before race 1 or by your team Captain up to 30 mins before race 1. After that all selections are locked.

From now on I will be strictly adhering to closing times so Captains stay alert.

After Saturday we are past the midway point in the comp. Unless you are Schitt's Creek every game becomes a must win affair from now on.

Seven competitors are unbeaten after 3 rounds with two - PJ & Stevie N - clashing in a HTH. Meanwhile seven are also looking to record their first win including Pam & Secret Squirrel who meet on Saturday.

I'm going out on a limb here and predicting upset wins this Saturday for the two "Rs" - the Ramones and Reapers - with at least one or even both playing their Triple Joker. let's see what transpires...

N.B. Decided to drop Arawa Park (poor fields & forecast) especially with a fine weather forecast for New Plymouth Fri & Sat.


Selections Close off at 12.05pm (NZ time)

Races are:

1. New Plymouth R2 - 1.05pm - Sandford's Rural Carriers SC Maiden - $30k, 1800m, MAAT

2. New Plymouth R3 - 1.40pm - UBP Ltd 1800 - $30k, 1800m, R65 BM

3. New Plymouth R4 - 2.14pm - Coastal Agri/Delaval Ltd 2000 - $30k, 2000m, R74 BM

4. New Plymouth R5 - 2.49pm - Powerworx Opunake Cup 2200 (LR) - $80k, 1400m, open hdcp

5. New Plymouth R7 - 3.59pm - Sinclair Electrical & Refrigeration SC Maiden - $30k, 1400m, MAAT

6. Caulfield R5 - 4.25pm - Tobin Brothers Funerals VOBIS Gold Stayers - $175k,2400m, SW+Ps

7. Randwick R7 - 4.45pm - ATC Thank You Stable Staff Hdcp - $150k, 1300m, BM88 hdcp

8. Randwick R8 - 5.25pm - ATC Foundation Winter Challenge (LR) - $160k, 1500m, qlty hdcp

9. Caulfield R8 - 6.20pm - The Big Screen Company Bletchingly Stks (Gr3) - $200k, 1200m, WFA

10. Caufield R9 - 6.52pm - Catanach's Jewelers Hdcp - $130k, 1400m, BM78 hdcp


Schitt's Creek (1st) vs Ramones (3rd)

Steve P (3/0-860.00/442.40) v Richie (2/1-377.60/380.60)

Our Maizcay (3/0-744.60/691.80) v Tom (1/2-272.40/645.00)

Graeme (2/1-730.20/613.40) v Moose (2/1-875.60/738.00)

Lightning Blue (1/2-127.20/360.40) v Gary (2/1-502.00/367.40)

Howie (3/0-566.20/298.60) v Porky (2/1-824.40/582.20)


Drink! (2nd) vs Reapers (4th)

Blind Squirrel (2/1-551.60/441.40) v No1 Plumber (3/0-597.20/275.00)

Maurice (1/2-327.00/469.40) v Smiler (0/3-505.20/677.40)

Pete (2/1-1028.00/556.20) v Heather (1/2-618.20/575.80)

Sharne (2/1-812.00/334.40) v Hesi (1/2-423.00/581.20)

Punter Pete (1/2-451.00/666.40) v Tonka (2/1-952.80/824.00)


Puppet Masters (5th) vs More Moet (8th)

Midnight Caller (1/2-628.40/667.80) v Max (1/2-149.00/669.60)

Ziggy (2/1-833.20/763.00) v Rex (0/3-598.00/1038.60)

Ian (1/2-534.60/939.60) v Rob (2/1-592.80/293.60)

Ray (0/3-285.40/760.20) v Jen (1/2-582.40/719.00)

Roland (3/0-594.00/150.00) v Gee (0/3-520.80/803.40)


Wily Wombats (6th) vs Wolf Pack (7th)

Tassie Tiger (2/1-722.40/637.80)  v Jack (0/3-332.20/610.60)

Secret Squirrel (0/3-481.00/713.20) v Pam (0/3-279.00/532.60)

PJ (3/0-637.00/233.00) v Stevie N (3/0-767.00/549.00)

Rees (1/2-587.00/714.80) v Wrinkles (1/2-625.00/471.60)

Gospel of Judas (1/2-409.00/676.00) v Gordy (2/1-617.60/452.00)



1028.00 Pete (Drink!) (2/1)

952.80 Tonkatime (Reapers) (2/1)

875.60 Moose (Ramones) (2/1)

860.00 Steve P (Schitt 's Creek) (3/0)

833.20 Ziggy (PuppetMasters) (2/1)

824.40 Porky (Ramones) (2/1)

812.00 Sharne (Drink!) (2/1)


THE SERENDIPITOUS SIX (those with the least $$ scored against them)

Sharne (2/1-334.40) (Drink!)

Howie (3/0-298.60) (Schitt's Creek)

Rob (2/1-293.60) (More Moet)

No1 Plumber (3/0-275.00) (Reapers)

PJ (3/0-233.00) (Wily Wombats)

Roland (3/0-150.00) (Puppet Masters)


THE UNFORTUNATE FIVE (those with the most $$ scored against them)

Ziggy (2/1-763.00) (Puppet Masters)

Gee (0/3-803.40) (More Moet)

Tonkatime (2/1-824.00) (Reapers)

Ian (1/2-939.60) (Puppet Masters)

Rex (0/3-1038.60) (More Moet)


The Table after ROUND 3

1st 15 Schitt's Creek ^ $3028.20

2nd 5 Drink! $3169.60

3rd 5 Ramones $2852.00

4th 4 Reapers $3096.40 

5th 3 Puppet Masters $2876.60

6th 2 Wily Wombats* $2828.40

7th 2 Wolf Pack $2620.80

8th 1 More Moet^ $2443.00

^ Triple Joker played

* Joker played

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3 hours ago, PWJ said:

1028.00 Pete (Drink!) (2/1)


3 hours ago, PWJ said:

Sharne (2/1-334.40) (Drink!)

What is it with the grog you lot are on. How about sharing it around. Im going to cancel my AA membership and hop on the wagon. 


3 hours ago, PWJ said:

812.00 Sharne (Drink!) (2/1)

Another one , the good shit lollipop. :classic_tongue:

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17 hours ago, Globederby19 said:


What is it with the grog you lot are on. How about sharing it around. Im going to cancel my AA membership and hop on the wagon. 


Another one , the good shit lollipop. :classic_tongue:

Mate, I'm backing Hesi's crowd to bring 'em down to earth this week.....


Meanwhile I'm expecting this to happen come Saturday...

Joker Wolf Tribute by DoctorSoull on DeviantArt

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