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Spring NPC Super Comp Round 2 - Sat Sep 17 - selection thread


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Round 2 - Sat Sep 17

Round 2 and everyone is still full of hope....

We start in the Mainland with a tricky Riccarton mile (aren't they all) followed by 3 sprints down the chute -all with good-sized fields before heading North for a one-off special in Naki land and then head across the ditch for a smorgasbord of top racing featuring some of Australasia's best horses culminating in a staying event from ruffie Randwick that could have been named the Kiwi-Euro challenge !

The unbeaten Blues and Chiefs gather at Bombay (or is it Tuakau for a pre-match icecream) to duke it out while  the Swampies will be popping up from their hides hoping to take down the high-flying Magpies.

The Highlanders and Turbos whose personnel each had their share of hits and misses last week do battle while the much maligned Kauri Kats and Ferdies face off with some interesting personal match-ups.

Good luck everyone !

Selections Close off at 12.30 p.m. (NZ time)

Races are:

1. Riccarton R3 - 1.30pm - Elmwood Trading Company - $30k, 1600m, R65 BM

2. Riccarton R4 - 2.05pm - NZB Ready To Run Trainers Series - $30k, 1200m, R65 BM

3. Riccarton R5 - 2.39pm - Double Tree By Hilton Karaka Hdcp - $40k, 1200m, open hdcp

4. Riccarton R6 - 3.14pm - NZ Bloodstock Canterbury Belle Stks (LR) - $65k, 1200m, 3yo fillies SWs

5. New Plymouth R7 - 4.08pm - ITM Interprovincial Championship - $60k, 1800m, open hdcp

6. Caulfield R5 - 4.55pm - Here For Horses Thousand Guineas Prelude (Gr2) - $300k, 1400m, 3yo fillies SW+Ps

7. Randwick R7 - 5.15pm - Fujitsu General George Main Stks (Gr1) - $1m, 1600m, WFA

8. Randwick R8 - 5.55pm - Bowermans Shorts (Gr2) - $1m, 1100m, SW+Ps

9. Caulfield R7 - 6.15pm - Neds Sir Rupert Clarke Stks (Gr1) - $1m, 1400m, hdcp

10. Randwick R9 - 6.35pm - Furphy Kingston Town Stks (Gr3) - $200k, 2000m, SWs+Ps


Chiefs (4th) vs Blues (1st)

Robert (0/1-577.80/968.40) v Pete (1/0-599.00/584.60)

Lightning Blue (1/0-441.60/85.00) v Moose (0/1-91.00/195.00)

Tassie Tiger (0/1-131.00/247.00) v Smiler (1/0-311.60/32.80)

Jack (1/0-185.80/182.80) v Roland (1/0-880.40/284.00)

Gee (1/0-172.00/23.00) v Gordy (1/0-87.20/39.00)


Swamp Foxes (6th) vs Magpies (2nd)

Jamison (0/1-23.00/172.00) v Richie (1/0-290.00/253.00)

Our Maizcay (0/1-182.80/185.80) v Secret Squirrel (1/0-372.00/104.80)

Maria (1/0-247.00/131.00) v Stevie N (0/1216.80/240.00)

Punter Pete (0/1-85.00/441.60) v Jason (1/0-362.20/108.60)

Rees (1/0-968.40/577.80) v Ian (1/0-114.00/110.80)


Highlanders (7th) vs Turbos (3rd)

Midnight Caller (1/0-195.00/91.00) v Ziggy (1/0-660.00/151.00)

Craig (0/1-32.80/311.60) v Gary (1/0-1146.60/212.20/)

Rex (0/1-39.00/87.20) v Ray (1/0-572.60/133.00)

Hesi (0/1-584.60/599.00) v Blind Squirrel (0/1-102.60/386.60)

Rob (0/1-284.00/880.40) v Steve P (0/1-65.60/839.60)


Ferdies (8th) vs Kauri Kats (5th)

Zac (0/1-253.00/290.00) v Jen (0/1-151.00/660.00)

Maurice (0/1-108.60/362.20) v Graeme (1/0-839.60/65.60)

Heather (0/1-110.80/114.00) v Sharne (0/1-133.00/572.60)

Tom (1/0-240.00/216.80) v Pam (1/0-386.60/102.60)

PJ (0/1-104.80/372.00) v Max (0/1-212.20/1146.60)



1146.20 Gary (Turbos) (1/0)

968.60 Rees (Swamp Foxes) (1/0)

880.40 Roland (Blues) (1/0)

839.60 Graeme (Kauri Kats) (1/0)

660.00 Ziggy (Turbos) (1/0)

599.00 Pete (Blues) (1/0)

584.60 Hesi (Highlanders) (0/1)


THE SERENDIPITOUS SIX (those with the least $$ scored against them)

Rex (0/1-87.240) (Highlanders)

Lightning Blue (1/0-85.00) (Chiefs)

Graeme (1/0-65.60) (Kauri Kats)

Gordy (1/0-39.00) (Blues)

Smiler (1/0-32.80) (Blues)

Gee (1/0-32.00) (Chiefs)


THE UNFORTUNATE FIVE (those with the most $$ scored against them)

Jen (0/1-660.00) (Kauri Kats)

Steve P (0/1-839.60) (Turbos)

Rob (0/1-880.40) (Highlanders)

Robert (0/1-968.60) (Chiefs)

Max (0/1-1146.20) (Kauri Kats)




1st 4 Blues $1969.20

2nd 4 Magpies $1355.00

3rd 3 Turbos $2547.00

4th 3 Chiefs $1508.20

5th 1 Kauri Kats $1722.40

6th 1 Swamp Foxes $1506.40

7th 0 Highlanders $1135.40

8th 0 Ferdies $817.20


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5 hours ago, Maximus said:

PJ (0/1-104.80/372.00) v Max (0/1-212.20/1146.60)

wanna surrender now?

Nahhh, I found form in person at the Tamworth races on Monday so all good. Can't promise I will give you quite the spanking you got last week though.....

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15 hours ago, PWJ said:

Nahhh, I found form in person at the Tamworth races on Monday so all good. Can't promise I will give you quite the spanking you got last week though.....

SMAX found something that may help in your hopeless mission 



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