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I believe that this publication was out today.Has anyone gone out and made a purchase?.If so what's it like...is the layout similar to what The Informant was?.I'm not even sure if it would reach Blenheim,so i haven't bothered to go searching for it..so thought i would find the goss out on here.

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So straight from the horses mouth....it will be out in Auckland T.A.B's tomorrow Friday morning..due to delays today.

Alex Park raceway on site T.A.B. said they should have it at 10am, other Auckland T.A.B's should have it early morning on opening...i'd suggest be in qwik as there are a lot of eager beavers to get a hot copyūüźĀ

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On 12/6/2019 at 11:18 AM, PWJ said:

Is it online anywhere ?


11 hours ago, Mardy said:

Good question PJ..I haven't even seen a website for it?.

So its in conjunction with the best bets , bugga, no freebies online by the looks, so Best bets, Raceform are all T.A.B.

No opposition anymore sad

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