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The Race Place

The Race in Trouble?

Happy Sunrise

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1 hour ago, Happy Sunrise said:

Gloucester Park is the same day.

Really. I couldn't think of a worse track to have it. The facility's are brilliant but the track is in mho a dog. No passing lane , like a saucer, short straight. Yuck.

Give all the horses a chance and race it at Menangle, or even Melton. 

Its further to race in WA than it is to get to NZ to race. What are they thinking. 

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9 minutes ago, Globederby19 said:


They already have one. It is getting a crowded market. On the bright side, it may be sharing around the big money, even they have to cough up to be in the race.

THE world’s richest harness race, The TAB Eureka, gets serious today.

Expressions of Interest for a Slot in the $2.1 million feature, are now open.

The TAB Eureka will have just 10 runners, meaning 10 slots will be available. Nine remain with TAB securing a slot as part of its naming rights partnership for the race to be run for the first time at Club Menangle on September 2, 2023.

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Oh yes also nearly forgot Im hearing Cambridge have taken onboard all feedback from last year & implementing into this years The Race.

Eg More Bars more staff & a bigger better public area & more options up from general public at more affordable prices  Remember when Karrots was having a moan on behalf of mates that attended. A massive line 1 hour long for drink.

Good on them for being proactive & smart & listening to the people. Guess it makes some people want to give them another chance. 

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Intel is in. Absolutely not.

Amazing nite Im hearing. 

Taken all feedback onboard from last year.

A great time nite Im hearing. No complaints. Very very postive feedback. As Rusty & I predicted a couple years ago. Look out NZ Cup this could surpass you. Esp once new development is done. 


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They've really promoted it this year on all media streams and run it alongside champions in the Waikato in other sports, especially cycling.    I think putting it out there as a real sport, not just a gambling event, has paid dividends.    It's like we are going back 20 years, when everyone preferred a night at Cambridge to the cold and sterile, concrete jungle of Alex Park and I hope that they go on from here with this level of interest.


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