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Why hasn't the TAB...


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In business, I think you gain as much, if not more insight from canvassing potential customers compared to talking to your current customers. 

You can seek all the feedback you like from your customers - which is fine. But they are already customers. I have never seen the TAB approach potential customers (or past customers), to try and glean from them why they aren't customers (or why they stopped being one).

I was a TAB customer more than 35 years ago. My phone bet account number was an early one - only 4 digits. I bet with them without fail, probably more than 50 weeks of every year for 15+ years. Yet, never once did they ask me why I stopped betting with them. 

This is just something focused businesses do - try to understand what they do well, or what they aren't doing - to better understand the potential customer base.

And what better time to do it than now. When most of their customers have probably moved on or are about to.

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This is an ill of the whole racing industry, that I have alluded to before.  Totally non customer(the punter) driven.  Just remember, a misconception that many in the industry have, the punter(oncourse and off course) is not part of the racing industry, they are the customer of the racing industry.  That's where the money comes from that drives everything.

As such, NZRB/TAB, should be doing regular research to find out what punters want out of their wagering.  NZTR, should be doing the same to find out what racegoers want out of their race day experience.  Small amounts of research have been done, but it is nowhere near enough.

I'm afraid this all smacks of an arrogant attitude, and the reason why racing is in the cart.  We know what we are doing, nobody can tell us.

I recall, they did some research, maybe 5-6 years ago, the perception of racing was terrible.  The one positive that came out, was the notion of a day at the races, perceived very well.  I always thought that this should be a focus for all racing entities in NZ.  Sure they have Xmas at the races, which is very good, but that only runs for a few weeks.


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That's a good point. It made me think that I never hear from them either. I've only probably had a dozen or so bets a year with them for years, though more lately. It made me go in to see if maybe they had a now defunct email address, but no, all contact details up to date. I did notice that I have the 'can we contact you?' box blank. That's may be why. I might give that a tick and see what happens.

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