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Melbourne Cup Day 2022


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Please note

1.  Pete will be running a comp on this day with a small prize

2.  3 people will be posting pics w/c 29/10 in the Punters Club

3. Current order of entry

1   LUNAR FLARE M 7 Grahame Begg 2 51.5kg 0.5kg  
2   POINT NEPEAN (IRE) H 5 Robert Hickmott 3 51kg    
3   DEAUVILLE LEGEND (IRE) G 4 James Ferguson 4 55kg    
4   GOLD TRIP (FR) H 6 Ciaron Maher & David Eustace 5 57.5kg    
5   DUAIS M 5 Edward Cummings 6 55.5kg    
6   MONTEFILIA M 5 David Payne 7 55.5kg    
7   HOO YA MAL (GB) H 4 Gai Waterhouse & Adrian Bott 8 53.5kg    
8   KNIGHTS ORDER (IRE) G 8 Gai Waterhouse & Adrian Bott 9 55.5kg    
9   LOFT (GER) G 5 Marcel Weiss 10 55.5kg    
10   WITHOUT A FIGHT (IRE) G 6 Simon & Ed Crisford 11 55.5kg    
11   NUMERIAN (IRE) G 7 Annabel Neasham 12 55.5kg    
12   CAMORRA (IRE) G 6 Ben & JD Hayes 13 55kg    
13   ALEGRON G 4 James Cummings 14 53kg    
14   STOCKMAN (NZ) G 6 Joseph Pride 15 54kg    
15   YOUNG WERTHER (NZ) G 5 Danny O’Brien 16 54kg    
16   VOW AND DECLARE G 7 Danny O’Brien 17 54kg    
17   GRAND PROMENADE (GB) G 7 Ciaron Maher & David Eustace 18 53kg    
18   TRALEE ROSE (NZ) M 6 Symon Wilde 19 51.5kg    
19   DAQIANSWEET JUNIOR (NZ) G 5 Phillip Stokes 20 53kg    
20   ARAPAHO (FR) G 6 Bjorn Baker 21 52.5kg    
21   CRYSTAL PEGASUS (GB) G 6 Chris Waller 22 52kg    
22   SMOKIN’ ROMANS (NZ) G 6 Ciaron Maher & David Eustace 23 51.5kg 1.5kg  
23   EMISSARY (GB) G 6 Michael Moroney 24 51.5kg 0.5kg  
24   REALM OF FLOWERS M 6 Anthony & Sam Freedman 25 50kg    
25   INTERPRETATION (IRE) H 5 Ciaron Maher & David Eustace 26 50kg    
26   MAKRAM (IRE) G 6 Ben & JD Hayes 27 50kg    
27   KING OF THE CASTLE (IRE) G 5 Robert Hickmott 28 50kg    
28   SERPENTINE (IRE) G 6 Robert Hickmott 29 53.5kg    
29   CHAPADA G 7 Michael Moroney 30 52.5kg    
30   SAN HUBERTO (IRE) H 7 Matt Cumani 31 51.5kg    
31   HARMYSIAN (GB) G 6 Clayton Douglas 32= 50kg    
32   HIGH EMOCEAN (NZ) M 6 Ciaron Maher & David Eustace 32= 50kg    
33   SCHABAU (GER) G 8 Robert Hickmott 32= 50kg

Please note, that 9 of those horses are accepted for the Lexus on Sat, of which Alegron, Crystal Pegasus and Realm of Flowers are already in the MC field




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Yes I'll be running an exotics comp similar to the one we ran on harness a few weeks ago.

On selected races you get to choose 5 horses - 6 for the Cup and then you have a choice of any or all of boxed quinella, boxed trifecta and boxed first four on those horses.

It's a risk and reward concept and the winner will be the person who posts the biggest profit or smallest loss.

I'll be putting a selection thread up when fields are out.

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1 hour ago, Hesi said:

Please note, that 9 of those horses are accepted for the Lexus on Sat, of which Alegron, Crystal Pegasus and Realm of Flowers are already in the MC field

And likely for one of the few times, 3 horses can jump into the top 24 order depending on outcomes.

Chapada and Serpentine will enter the top 24 just by placing. Makram, Interpretation, Schabau or King Of The Castle will make the top 24 by winning. Or Realm Of Flowers could cement her position in the top 24 by winning also.

Which means those currently 22 - 24 (if no other drop outs) would potentially be below 24 if the scenario defined above happened and 3 gained entry by virtue of the one race.

So if for example, Schabau beat Chapada and Serpentine - with no others deciding not to accept, Smokin Romans, Emissary and Realm Of Flowers would drop to 25 - 27 in order. And the only way in for them would be VRC Directors choosing to oust a runner from the top 24, which is highly unlikely.

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Melbourne Cup Form & Field

  Horse Trainer Jockey Barrier Weight
1 GOLD TRIP (FR) Ciaron Maher & David Eustace Mark Zahra 14 57.5kg
2 DUAIS Edward Cummings Hugh Bowman 10 55.5kg
3 KNIGHTS ORDER (IRE) Gai Waterhouse & Adrian Bott Tim Clark 24 55.5kg
4 MONTEFILIA David Payne Jason Collett 11 55.5kg
5 NUMERIAN (IRE) Annabel Neasham Tommy Berry 7 55.5kg
6 WITHOUT A FIGHT (IRE) Simon & Ed Crisford William Buick 18 55.5kg
7 CAMORRA (IRE) Ben & JD Hayes Ben Melham 17 55kg
8 DEAUVILLE LEGEND (IRE) James Ferguson Kerrin McEvoy 9 55kg
9 STOCKMAN (NZ) Joseph Pride Sam Clipperton 2 54kg
10 VOW AND DECLARE Danny O'Brien Blake Shinn 4 54kg
11 YOUNG WERTHER (NZ) Danny O'Brien Damian Lane 21 54kg
12 HOO YA MAL (GB) Gai Waterhouse & Adrian Bott Craig Williams 15 53.5kg
13 SERPENTINE (IRE) Robert Hickmott John Allen 23 53.5kg
14 DAQIANSWEET JUNIOR (NZ) Phillip Stokes Daniel moor 13 53kg
15 GRAND PROMENADE (GB) Ciaron Maher & David Eustace Harry Coffey 1 53kg
16 ARAPAHO (FR) Bjorn Baker Rachel King 19 52.5kg
17 EMISSARY (GB) Michael Moroney Patrick Moloney 3 51.5kg
18 LUNAR FLARE Grahame Begg Michael Dee 12 51.5kg
19 SMOKIN' ROMANS (NZ) Ciaron Maher & David Eustace Jamie Kah 16 51.5kg
20 TRALEE ROSE (NZ) Symon Wilde Dean Yendall 22 51.5kg
21 POINT NEPEAN (IRE) Robert Hickmott Wayne Lordan 20 51kg
22 HIGH EMOCEAN (NZ) Ciaron Maher & David Eustace Teo Nugent 8 50kg
23 INTERPRETATION (IRE) Ciaron Maher & David Eustace Craig Newitt 6 50kg
24 REALM OF FLOWERS Anthony & Sam Freedman Damien Thornton 5 50kg
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