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Saw this on a football chat site but worth reading.

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[NSC] Potentially Libellous accusations

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A periodic reminder that you are completely responsible for what you post on this site, and any other site for that matter.

So if, for example, you directly accuse someone of organised and/or paid corruption and they decide to pursue you in relation to that, you may be required to present definitive proof, in court, of that corruption. It is not up to the person you are accusing to prove they did not act corruptly, it is up to you to provide positive and definitive proof. If you are unable to present that proof, you could find that the post you made becomes a very, very expensive one for you.

In short: don't make direct accusations about people or organisations unless you are prepared to fund a legal defence of your accusation should that be required.
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I thought it inconsistent with the recent Posie Parker kerfuffle, that you cannot by law denigrate, as below

10.  A digital communication should not denigrate an individual by reason of his or her colour, race, ethnic or national origins, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or disability.

Yet she was permitted to enter NZ to denigrate people with a certain sexual orientation

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No,  she wasn't.  She was in NZ to stand up for the rights of women.

That does NOT intrinsically denigrate anyone or any faction.

Respect for folk of all ethnicity,  race, colour and gender- orientation shouldn't be so hard to understand.

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21 hours ago, Freda said:

Yeah, and the media beat-up didn't help.

I do recall listening on talkback at the time, and somebody rang up, pointing out had people actually researched what this woman Posie Parker actually stood for.

Seemed, as you say, that it all got drowned out by the media and the vicious protests from the transexual brigade.

As a general comment, it seems protests have become an exemplification that the right of the people protesting, becomes paramount, regardless of the rights of others that are impeded upon.  The Posie Parker being an example, along with the Parliament grounds invasion and Tamaki and his mob

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