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I don't think it is "solvable". The USA should stay out and let the UN issue wet bus tickets as usual.
You have two different Palestinian parts (Gaza and The West bank) and they can't agree amongst themselves on anything.
The Gaza citizens elect a terrorist organisation Hamas, where the leaders do not even live in Gaza.
The rest of the world knows that if you attack Israel you will get it back x10. So they attack Israel ...
How do you solve that in the face of such stupidity?

At least with Helen Clark and Jacinda not in power we might not end up with another load of potential problems arriving here, complete with decades of baggage.

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10 hours ago, JustPlodded said:

I don't think it is "solvable".

Agree totally. It never has been, and won't be apart from some sort of convaluted peace deal which will simmer away for another 10 /15 yrs and then start up again. There won't be any Gazza left to worry about at the rate of the Israeli airstrikes.

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