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un vote on ceasefire

ngakonui grass

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4 hours ago, ngakonui grass said:

usa votes against ceasefire in Gaza.What a bunch of f......ing morons.

Not at all, forgetting the moral high ground,and basic ethics , the USA  sends an endless supply of arms to Israel .  Company's would lose contracts and people would lose jobs. When it comes to war people don't matter, profits do. End of story.

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If I was controlling the US drones I know who I would be targeting...

"Three top leaders of Hamas alone have a staggering fortune of $11 billion, according to a report by New York Post, Ismail Haniyeh, Moussa Abu Marzuk and Khaleed Mashal have been maintaining their luxury lifestyle in Qatar, a relatively small yet powerful emirate in the Middle East, which provided a safe haven for them. Notably, the country also has a significant presence in the American military."

And if I was wanting to save money...  the United Nations would be the place I would be cutting funds to.
A more useless bunch of gasbags I have never seen.

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