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As a kid my parents sent me to a Boxing Club as they thought I was soft!

I was 11 did keep going till I was 16...........started to bloody hurt too much.

Anyway I grew up being a fan of George Foreman............I remember as a small kid watching Mohammed Ali beating George.

Even though he lost .........big time.........he was my man!

So I'll try to bring you some of my favourites from the past but hopefully also show you some up and coming fighters.

Tonight I'll start with  George Foreman challenging Michael Moorer.

George is now 45 for this fight and last held the title 20 years prior.



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Hi Craigos

Thanks for your input

Totally agree with you

Best fight since Ali v Frazier and worth $40

Fury would annihilate Joshua and Usyk, I don't think anyone could help but think so

Fury has a great skillset for a big man, a rocket hard left jab, a chin like concrete...and one of the best assets to have, he's a complete nutter

Apparently the winner of Dillon Whyte's next fight fights Fury (is that with Parker?)

It would be a waste of time Whyte showing up, and if Parker won I doubt he would fight Fury, he's not that stupid


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19 minutes ago, craigos1 said:

Well I've just finished watching Fury v Wilder III

Five knockdowns , brutal from start to finish ......Fury finishing Wilder off in Round 11

Best 40 bucks I've spent in along time.

Once highlights become available will post.

Thanks Craig, I could only follow the fight with live updates on the BBC sports site. I thought Wilder was going to be fitter than Fury but he seemed to run out of gas after round 4.

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Yep Gordy your sort of right,

I think Wilder was struggling on his feet after Round 3 but man he new he wasn't goin to die wondering.

Round 4 by Wilder was exceptional but constitution of Fury is unreal.

I'm still pumped!!

Those 2 are by far the top 2 Heavyweights.

Uysk I guess gets a chance to unify but Fury is Head and Shoulders above him.

Possibly Joshua would be a more interesting fight but I don't think his chin would last.

There is some talk Wilder broke his right hand.

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