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Master Trainer?


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51 minutes ago, pete said:

Don't really like bagging anyone but this perception that John Wheeler is a master trainer is not backed up by results for quite a while now. Sure he trained a quinella today but winners to number of starters must be abysmal.

18/19 202 STARTERS.............18/22/22            STRIKE RATE 11.44

17/18 163 STARTERS.............10/19/13            STRIKE RATE 16.3

16/17 242 STARTERS.............12/20/24            STRIKE RATE 20.17

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From a 2014 article I found

"I'm kind of winding down the operation a bit so I have more time to do other things," said Wheeler at the end of a successful day at the track on Saturday.

He has already to put a halt to buying yearlings at the sales, saying he plans concentrate on the ones he now has in work and those he or clients have bred.

"If you keep going the way I am, you'd end up with your life being dominated by racing until the day you die and I don't really want that," he said, adding, apart from racing, more fishing and golf and overseas travel are on his agenda.

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