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We get a bit fed up with the ongoing barbs, jibes and manipulative antics about free speech, henchmen, holding to ransom, egos and how hard done by they are on the other channel.

Many people, including me privately many times, tried to warn the site owner about Thommo, and how he would eventually trash Thoroughbred, then turn hostile if he didn't get his way.........to try and HELP the owner and his site

In keeping with the high and mighty principled approach, principles that seem to get put to one side as it suits, not only were things ignored, but we were accused of being a lynch mob.

Had things been run properly, and with some common sense, we would never have started this site, simply because there was no need, and we would have struggled to convince people to join up.  Why would they, if they were happy where they were.

There are posters, who made substantial contributions to the site, who will never go back, so piss poorly were they treated.  At least with the existence of this site, they have a platform to express something they love doing, which is great and all that we ever wanted to achieve

And the much heralded free speech

This site has never, banned anyone, locked threads, deleted or modified posts, warned anyone off for the content or style of their posting, hidden objectionable threads at the bottom of the garden, behind the old wood shed.

I ask you then, who has free speech and who hasn't?

PS: To the faithful few, don't worry he'll be back


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Yeah we've been called all sorts of things over there but we're really happy with where this site is at right now.

As Hesi said, we've never banned anyone, moderated posts or anything like that. It's refreshing to see everyone acting like adults and sharing a common interest. 

Thanks everyone who takes the time to participate, we never take you for granted.



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1 minute ago, Hesi said:

I thought you were in Fiji Pete, not looking at all this rubbish:classic_biggrin:

Have a Pink Lemonade Margarita for me

Just been to dinner. Awesome place, warm and have the windows open listening to Fijian band singing from the bar.

One of them even plays the ukulele.

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