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Logistical issues?


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Not what I heard but this is the given reason.

Good morning,


As an impact of Covid restrictions contributing to a shortage of TAB resources, the Central region race meeting this Thursday 7th October will now be held at Awapuni (previously Tauherenikau).


Nominations will close at the new time of 2pm today.

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The 14th October meeting has been moved from Awapuni to Tauherenikau as a result of Covid restrictions impacting TAB resources over the next few weeks.  In effect, it is a straight swap of Thursday race meetings (Oct 7th & 14th) between the two venues.

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I am a member at Tauherenikau. I received a newsletter saying that they had carried out extensive work on the track over several months and early this week they galloped horses in the presence of Stipes who have reported that the track is in good condition to race.

The reasons for the transfer of meetings was given as TAB logistical nothing to do with the track. The main reason for horses not starting at this time of year is slow to heavy tracks when there are summer horses coming back in who do not handle the ground.







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On 10/6/2021 at 5:40 AM, curious said:

Now the TAB seems to have martialled the resources to conduct a meeting there, I guess if we wait till next week we'll see who wants to race there.

It seems like less than 50 horses are willing to go around there today. So, maybe some don't want to race there?

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They didn't want to race there because of the heavy track. They nominated with the intention of racing there even though the track was slow with very heavy rain predicted and which came on Wednesday. I live on Lower Hutt and the weather was appalling and given that the Wairarapa probably cops a southerly as bad if not worse than over the hill, then it is no surprise that were many scratchings. Look at other meetings that have had bad weather leading up and the multiple scratchings with some clubs only having three horse races.

If you have the evidence to the contrary Curious stump and tell us.

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