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The Race Place

Bob Jones

brown fox

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A must read Foxy, introduces some sanity into discussions. Reminds me of a book I read many years ago about business ... Up the Organisation ... a classic and every Corporate aspirant should read it as it is of more value than a 5 year Commerce degree.

UTO has all of Bob's views on the BS of form, a great read

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I would have thought that Bob Jones might have crawled under a rock after he was made to look very foolish and withdraw from his unsuccessful attempt to sue the young lady who called him a racist.

Bob got caught out whilst on the witness stand talking shit that he chased away protestors during the Springbok Tour in 1981. However, the "Defence" showed him a recording which was in conflict to his claims. 

Yes the so called "Champion" boxer who never won a NZ Title had to throw in the towel shortly after the "Defence" started calling witnesses. 

He took on the young lady who did not have the financial means to defend herself but luckily "give a little' came to her rescue and Bob got a good old fashioned spanking.

Let's not forget that this is the man who sold off shares in his own company Tasman Properties which was formerly Robert Jones Investments without advising the stock exchange. When charged, he pleaded ignorance and got away with it. 


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