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Be interesting to see if anything comes of this. As in anything decent and worthwhile, and not just a tick the box exercise. 

I will report back with any findings. 

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Seth Fishman’s 11-year prison sentence is just, but punishment shouldn’t be limited to him: This crooked veterinarian had more than 2,000 clients in the horse racing world who kept him in business, and those who knowingly cheated and had him drug their horses need to be behind bars, too.


This was the main other news saw today. Recall chatting about these cases earlier on. Think DR who hope returns to the site, a gentleman who is the voice of reason, anyway had mentioned at that time nothing had happened to these people. In time, a number are doing the jail house rock. This vet gets 11 years others also doing jailtime. Other main case awaits his trial in 2023, gallops guy J Servis.

As looking for a positive today here it comes, generally I DONT think there is wide spread corruption or doping in NZ. I really don't.

Maybe 1 or 2 bad eggs out of say approx 500. Thats less that 1%. Maybe Im naive, but don’t think so. Its kind of not that hard to spot. But sometimes one just never knows. Anyway clearly in USA it was very widespread!

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