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Former PJ Comp players


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With PJ's comps now appearing to be well settled in a new home(no assumptions though), I'm sure those that play and love them, would like to see a few former players who are real characters, rejoin the fray.

Any suggestions on how to get a few things moving.

Thinking of people like Chestnut(Maria), Cubes and a few others who may have lost touch with all the changes in forums


PS: We and PJ would welcome them

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I've actually asked someone to contact Maria(Chestnut) about joining this site to participate in PJ's comps.

She brought a lot to the comps, and I'm saying that as someone who got a lot of stick from her about starting this site with Pete.

But what the hell, no hard feelings at all, no one is bigger than the comp.

There have been a few that disagreed with this site being started, who have reconsidered, after seeing that we are prepared to live up to what we said about personal abuse etc etc, and now are big supporters

I'd love also to get Cubes participating again, so, anyone know him, let him know.......that 3rd person vernacular was great

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