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Ellerslie today


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1 hour ago, Hesi said:

The Trackside presenters as per usual were warbling on about good to see the crowds returning to Ellerslie today, but there did not look to be many there, the public stand looked empty

Anybody there today with a better more accurate feel for the numbers

Watched a couple of races there. Bit of a party going on down below. Upper public stand completely empty and about a dozen in the lower portion. Sad really. Wasn't bad racing.

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Most folk on this site would have seen 75% of the starters before, know the jockeys and trainers by sight and watch at least two meetings a week (okay probably far more). The reality is that most at Ellerslie today probably could not name horse, let alone a jockey or trainer. BUT they are the target “market” these days.
Although I think getting the next generation to appreciate racing and become hooked, the powers in charge prefer fashion parades, bars overflowing and attendees that come only once but spend up large on food and drink with their friends. 
So yes the publuc stands are empty as the regulars give up and watch from home. Cause and effect...

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Shall we start an online petition to bring back the infield, with picnics, boot parties and controlled/limited BYO(not Rosé).

That should get them another 10,000 oncourse, unless of course the stay at home thing, with 81 inch screens, whitebait fritters, prosecco and Coronas at $2 a pop, has become too ingrained........bad idea maybe

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