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Midweek 5 To Win - FINAL series starts Dec6

NZ Cup


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Akuta out to $2.20 after the barrier draw, which has landed him on the second row. 

I don't think 15 is at all as bad as some are making it out to be. Especially given it's a NZ Cup "standing", walking, running, mucking around, start. Screenshot_20231109_064906_SamsungInternet.thumb.jpg.35c262a693270c6c4c39f07b43f0aef5.jpgScreenshot_20231109_064906_SamsungInternet.thumb.jpg.35c262a693270c6c4c39f07b43f0aef5.jpg

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Mark is the absolute Expert of all experts at Nz Cup standing starts .years of great results. He will be Winning by lengths with the megastar Akuta .

Maybe the Beachball will clean a few up at the start and make it even easier .he's a bit dodgey at the start at times..

and surely the nz drivers can keep Oz raider Swayzee out of the way (out wide) or something simiar you would hope. 

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The two favs will be lead and parked by the mile. I doubt they will have each other on when they are in those positions until 400m out so nothing else will have a chance.

The only possibility is the Dalgety factor and what they would do if they reached the top early and decided to sacrifice one for the other.

It will be exciting to see who goes for the lead first but after that it could be a procession once the two favs are in position. The race should be extremely predictable `but it would be nice to see some drivers anticipate the movement of the favs and act accordingly.

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4 minutes ago, Happy Sunrise said:

but it would be nice to see some drivers anticipate the movement of the favs and act accordingly.

Well ,going on experience and past performances one would think the Aussie will go searching for the lead at some point.,which will make it interesting . 

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20 hours ago, Globederby19 said:

With Self Assured not in it and with the draws out I would give Kango a chance. Arna has him pinging along. My three would be Akuta, Old Town Road and Kango.


Yea Rees I do like Kango,actually just love following Arna's team. I think from that draw he can find the lead early and it wouldn't surprise me If he runs them along,as that seems to suit him best. Even if he gets cover that may be ok for him too. Personally I think Akuta will be tough to beat,and will be around them at some point. Hopefully it's another great race.

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