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1 hour ago, brown fox said:

Yes I got it. Like you  I have never heard of my favourite horse but my 2 best collects were correct.Good idea and never turn down a bonus bet.

Would have been nice to know how much I turned over in the year.

Yep, I thought that is what would be in the review, total invested, total return.  The TAB are certainly showing a lot more customer focused initiatives these days, but that might be a bridge too far and deter people from betting lol

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I am a Specialist!

I believe that the % bet over the three racing codes that they said i did, would be 100% accurate. The horse that I backed the most [Thoroughbred] was one of my own so that would be correct. The Pacer that I backed the most was my nephews so again that would be correct. My favourite tracks for both codes were Trentham and Addington, and again no argument there. My biggest single collect was a miserable $480.00, so not happy with that. At least they have given me a free $10.00 bet...LOL

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22 minutes ago, Turny said:

Got the email, oddly never mentioned my Victoria bets some 92%of investments, according to my spreadsheet, but did record Asfoora as my go to horse 

seems offshore investments ignored so a tail there for sure


Good point as I too bet as much in Australia as in NZ, probably more!

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