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15 minutes ago, curious said:

I think barryb has also said that he adds to his bet sometimes when horses drift.

And I tend to do it because if it drifts then I am getting increased value all the time. When it shortens, any value present is reducing and often will have missed the opportunity. Not a problem if you are on already. But backing them as they shorten isn't a favoured approach for me.

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That would be a very interesting exercise once scratchings are in to see the variance at Metro provincial and country if the majority of winners are shortner’s (no such word) or drifters, that would be an exercise I would probably run if I was in a betting team

Right now I couldn’t predict which way that would go probably drifters as the market opens around 130% 

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I don't mind a drifter.Sometimes it reflects that the stable or owner is on early, catching the bookies slightly off guard before the pools fill up.

Big congratulations to Barry and Pam👍🥩🦪

Black Bookers have been a bit thin on the ground, but found 2yr old Fleet Dove at SC after winning a trial at Doomben with ease(🥩tonight).A couple out of that trial have won at the jump outs since.

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