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Nothing rarks me up more than the 25%(approx) of NZ'ers who won't get a Covid vaccination, because they believe it impinges on their rights

Do they not realise, they are affecting the rights of the 75% who do get vaccinated.

Oh yes, something does rark me up more, the spreaders of misinformation, who cherry pick off the internet, and undermine the collective knowledge of the health professionals, that are supposedly in collusion with Govt and big business, over something that does not exist

We got rid of polio in NZ(and most of the world), through immunisation, and therefore prevented many from leading debilitating lives.  Hate to think how it would have been handled in today's world, where people are so precious about their personal freedom

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Getting my second AZ shot 30 Aug. Have to laugh at someone I know who won't be getting vaccinated. Friend of my fiancee. 

"Spoke to my GP yesterday about the Jab, he said 3-4 people per 500,000 basically have the condition where the vaccine can kill you.
I asked if there are any tests that can tell if you are one of those people and he said NO.
So as low as the odds are, you are still playing Russian roulette with the vaccine as you are with the virus, and yes I am aware the virus is also highly contagious, but I still believe it is up to the individual to choose which one they want to take a chance with and should not be forced to have the vaccine to keep employment.

You may think it silly/stupid, but I think of the situation like this scenario.
You are at the edge of a kilometre of bush land , the bush ( trees, shrubs, whatever are the people that may or may not have the virus )
You can take you chance with a bullet ( vaccine ) point blank into your body and hope you survive it, OR you can take your chance through the bush and try to avoid the shooter.
Your choice.

I don’t pay any attention to fanatical anti vaxxers."

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My wife and I got our first jab up at Westgate on the 28th last month and booked for our second straight away. Earliest we could get was the 17th September.

Our chemist is supposed to be getting authorisation soon to be able to do them, so we will switch to there if sooner.

Apart from a slightly sore arm for a day we didn’t experience any side effects.


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3 hours ago, Maximus said:

How many people have died from the virus? About 1%-2% of those who get  it.
How many people have died from an adverse reaction to a vaccine? Stuff all, comparatively.
When we were kids we thought nothing of getting a jab to fend off mumps, rubella, polio, smallpox...

Max finds it staggering that this totally incompetent Government can pass legislation to put fluoride in our water supply and folic acid in our bread 'for the good of public health' but does not make it mandatory for all border workers to be vaccinated against Covid. Dumbasses, the lot of them, from Ardern up.


I guess the answer lies in the Bill Of Rights

10.  Right not to be subjected to medical or scientific experimentation
Every person has the right not to be subjected to medical or scientific experimentation without that person's consent.
11.  Right to refuse to undergo medical treatment
Everyone has the right to refuse to undergo any medical treatment.

I'm sure if the Govt tried to make it mandatory for any sector, it would be challenged, as was the legality of the lockdown

In saying that, I'm not sure how it fits with the folic acid in flour for bread and fluoridation of water.

I guess with those 2, people have options, such as making their own bread and buying bottled water, even though there is substantial and irrefutable scientific proof that both have health and therefore cost benefits to the country as a whole

Old story macro vs micro



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