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Bob Jones

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Picked up this comment off Wiki, still smiling

In 1985, Jones was located by reporters in a helicopter while out fishing in a remote valley in Taupo. Jones, incensed at the intrusion when the helicopter landed on the adjacent bank, famously punched TVNZ reporter Rod Vaughan, with the whole incident recorded on tape. Jones was convicted of four charges of assault and fined $1000 Jones asked the judge if he could pay $2000 to do it again.

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I followed the Court case last year where he unsuccessfully tried to sue a young lady who called him a racist. He thought he could win  easily as she would not have the financial resources to defend herself. However, he did not count on "give a little' which enabled her lawyers to take Jones to the cleaners.

The Defence lawyers set Jones up brilliantly when he was testifying. The Defence brought up the 1981 Springbok tour knowing full well that Jones would rave on about when he went to a rugby dinner where there were protestors and Jones  claimed to have chased them away.

They let him go on about this in great depth and then told him that they had a video recording which they played to the court which only showed Bob Jones giving the protestors the fingers and not chasing anyone away. 

On the day after the  Defence had commenced calling witnesses, Jones withdrew on advice of his lawyers as they knew that he was not going to be able to prove his case. Defence witnesses yet to be called  were likely expose Jones further.

This is from Bob Jones the so called Champion Boxer who would never take a backward step, never quit. In fact several years ago I checked and Bob Jones has never won a National Title. 


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3 hours ago, Maximus said:

look, Max was his College's chess champion, too, but that didnt make me an expert on chess

Fair point

I have seen Bob spar, many times, but haven't seen you play chess.

Trust me Bob can box and is an outstanding boxing commentator, he knows the craft and art of boxing


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