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No racing, so thought I would add in a few things that I have learnt over the years that have saved me a lot of hassle and money

1.  Moss and Mold control.  Have talked about this before, but you can buy 2l packs of Poolstar Winter Control from Mitre 10 for about $40.  Contain the same active that does all the work, as Wet and Forget and 30 seconds, but at 5 times the concentration.  So that is 400ml in a 10l knapsack, for the mentally challenged.  Curious has tried this and can vouch for it.  Works also for moss in your lawn, won't kill the grass

2.  Rat control.  Had a hell of a job with a few visitors, tried to block the entrance holes with various things, but they just ate through it.  Then someone told me to use rolled up tin foil(some will have plenty of that for their pointy hats).  Works a treat, haven't seen a rat in months.  Always reluctant to bait, as the last thing I want is a rat dying in the wall cavity.

3.  Bleach.  The house brands are identical to Janola, and save you at least a $1 per bottle.  And yes it is true, the product was named after Jan and Nola, I have met them.  In addition, you can use the Lemon version, because it contains a detergent to solubilise the lemon fragrance, as a spray, as you would use Exit Mould.  Exactly the same product.  Best to buy a trigger bottle of Exit Mould first, then refill.  Why, because it contains special bleach resistant rubber seals

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1 hour ago, Hesi said:

Those hooks on the inside of your petrol flap, are to hook your petrol cap into, while you are filling up.  Makes it almost impossible to drive off, leaving your petrol cap

The little arrow next to the petrol pump symbol on your car speedo display points to which side the petrol cap is.

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