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On 1/17/2022 at 9:50 AM, Maximus said:

Disqualification for breaching the whip rules would surely and quickly stop the practice of jockeys getting their various sins 'covered off' (= reimbursed) by the horses' owners.


Perfect example of what you are alluding to, fine and a generous donation to paying the bills while on holiday no doubt covered by the very grateful owners of Lickety Split.  A minor incurrence considering the increase in value of the filly as an eventual broodmare.  I note the owners also bred the horse

M Cameron (LICKETY SPLIT) - Admitted a charge of using the whip in three consecutive strides followed by a further four consecutive strides after a pause of one stride on his mount LICKETY SPLIT inside the 100 metres. After considering submissions the Adjudicative Committee suspended M Cameron’s licence to ride in races from the conclusion of racing on Saturday 26 March up to and including racing on Saturday 9 April, 8 national riding days and imposed a fine of $3,500.

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