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Summer Super Draft Comp - Round 9 (FINAL) - Sat Mar 12 - selection thread


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ROUND 9 (FINAL) - Sat Mar 12

Well this is it ! By a divine coincidence the top two teams in the comp get top do battle face-to-face in the Final Round to decide who will be the Summer Draft Super Comp CHAMPS !

Offngone are in pole position with a two point advantage but Surf N Turf will surely play their Jeopardy card to deny ONG a point (should they score one or more). These two teams are also only $117 apart in aggregate which could be a vital factor should SNT take two points to none to put them level with ONG on points ! The HTH clashes look fairly even so it's anyone's guess who will come out on top. Good luck to both teams !

The rest of us are fighting over the final placings with 6 of the 7 teams outside the top pair capable of finishing 3rd and that includes the late finishing Grey Ways looking for a Joker-fuelled 10 pointer over the Yahabebees. The Grim Reapers and Mr Aybees, fearful of the Grey Ways' Joker play will be looking for wins to avoid last place but face redoubtable opposition in the respective forms of the Wurzels and Hot Baches racing neck and neck to secure the 3rd place podium spot.

Max's Maxis have a difficulty task choosing their Bye round opponents. My money is on Max choosing the Yabbies vs Grey Ways if only for the banter !

Just $144 covers the top 5 in the Magnificent Seven honour roll and they hail from 5 different franchises. I will donate an Arrowfield Cap to the competitor who tops the Magnificent Seven at the end of the comp. Go for it ....

A tricky selection of races this week with mostly small fields in NZ not likely to throw up any longshot winners but plenty of quality races to follow from Flemington with a very deep fillies/mares Gr1 handicap for the comp's grand finale. Good luck everyone and don't forget to enter the NPC comp starting next week !.


Selections Close off at 11.43 a.m. (NZ time)

Races are:

1. Pukekohe R1 - 12.43pm - Mount Shop 2100 - $15k, 2100m, maiden

2. Trentham R3 - 1.35pm - Harrisons Carpets 3YO - $30k, 1200m, 3yos SW+Ps

3. Trentham R4 - 2.09pm -M G Tiling 1000 - $40k, 1000m, open hdcp

4. Flemington R1 - 2.35pm - TBV Thoroughbred Breeders Stks (Gr3) - $200k, 1200m, 2yo fillies SW+Ps

5. Trentham R6 - 3.19pm - Hardy Trade Supply 1400 - $40k, 1400m, open hdcp

6. Trentham R7 - 3.54pm - Humphries Construction 1400 - $30k, 1400m, R65 BM

7. Flemington R4 - 4.20pm - MSS Security Sires' Produce Stks (Gr2) - $300k, 1400m,2yos SWs

8. Flemington R5 - 5.00pm - TAB Kewney Stks (Gr2) - $300k, 1600m, 3yo fillies SWs

9. Flemington R6 - 5.40pm - Yulong Stud Newmarket Hdcp (Gr1) - $1.5m, 1200m, hdcp

10. Rosehill R8 - 6.40pm - Coolmore Classic (Gr1) - $600k, 1500m, fillies/mares qlty hdcp



(wins/bonus points/Jeopardy chip deductions)

1st 25 pts Offngone* $9874.20 (4/17/0)

2nd 23 pts Surf N Turf* $9757.40 (5/13/0)


3rd 15 pts Wurzels*(J) $8332.80 (4/7/0)

4th 14 pt Hot Baches* $9133.80 (3/8/0)

5th 13 pts Yahabebees* $8632.60 (3/7/0)

6th 13 pts Max Factors*(J) $8374.20 (5/3/0)

7th 10 pts Mr Aybees*(J) $7808.40 (4/3/1)

8th 9 pts Grim Reapers* $8948.40 (2/5/0)

9th 7 pts Grey Ways $7865.80 (2/3/0)

* Joker played

(J) Jeopardy chip played


OFFNGONE (1st) vs SURF N TURF (2nd)

Ian (5/2-2036.20/1204.20) v Geoff (3/4-1681.20/2475.00)

Secret Squirrel (4/3-1809.40/1168.00) v Ray (6/1-2039.00/1208.00)

Stevie N (5/2-2108.40/1597.80) v Gospel of Judas (5/2-2498.00/1504.80)

Ziggy (3/4-1833.40/1559.40) v Gee (3/4-1628.80/1156.20)

Rees (6/1-2086.80/1301.40) v Graeme (6/1-2001.60/1385.40)



PJ (4/3-1927.20/2072.00) v Midnight Caller (5/2-1920.00/988.20)

Roland (0/7-1003.00/2196.00) v Sharne (3/4-1961.00/1836.80)

Smiler (4/3-2452.00/1568.20) v Jakey Boy (4/3-1438.00/1315.80)

Hesi (3/4-1974.40/2446.60) v Pete (2/5-1613.20/2317.20)

Tonkatime (3/4-1592.20/1844.60) v Maurice (4/3-1500.60/1576.60)


HOT BACHES (4th) vs MR AYBEES (7th) 

Blind Squirrel (4/3-2530.20/1432.20) v Harewood (3/4-(1282.00/1652.20)

Pam (2/5-1356.60/1594.00) v Tom (3/4-1269.80/1605.80)

Steve P (4/3-1742.80/1447.60) v Jack (4/3-1452.80/1545.20)

Happy Sunrise (4/3-2150.20/1737.80) v Craig (4/3-1401.00/1102.00)

Maria (2/5-1353.20/1562.20) v Lightning Blue (2/5-2401.80/2085.60)


YAHABEBEES (5th) vs GREY WAYS (9th) 

Heather (5/2-1797.80/1171.40) v Rex (3/4-1543.40/1510.20)

Rob (2/5-1667.80/1792.60) v Dino (2/5-1463.60/835.00)

Howie (5/2-2386.20/1407.80) v Buller Rep (4/3-1852.60/1233.20)

Wrinkles (2/5-1050.40/2343.40) v Jen (1/6-1659.00/1322.20)

Richie (3/4-2041.80/1396.80) v Gordy (3/4-1452.40/1281.80)



Punter Pete (3/5-1506.00/1632.80)

Trotslover (3/5-1133.40/1576.80)

Robert (6/2-1870.20/1990.20)

Max (3/5-1716.20/2443.60)

Gary (5/3-1820.20/1104.80)



2530.20 Blind Squirrel (Hot Baches) (4/3)

2498.00 Gospel of Judas (Surf N Turf) (5/2)

2452.00 Smiler (Grim Reapers) (4/3)

2401.80 Lightning Blue (Mr Aybees) (2/5)

2386.20 Howie (Yahabebees) (5/2)

2150.20 Happy Sunrise (Hot Baches) (4/3)

2108.40 Stevie N (Offngone) (5/2)


THE SERENDIPITOUS SIX (those with the least $$ scored against them)

Secret Squirrel (4/3-1168.00) (Offngone)

Gee (3/4-1156.20) (Surf N Turf)

Gary (5/3-1104.80) (Max Factors)

Craig (4/3-1102.00) (Mr Aybees)

Midnight Caller (5/2-988.20) (Wurzels)

Dino (2/5-835.00) (Grey Ways)


THE UNFORTUNATE FIVE (those with the most $$ scored against them)

Pete (2/5-2317.20) (Wurzels)

Wrinkles (2/5-2343.40) (Yahabebees)

Max (3/5-2443.60) (Max Factors)

Hesi (3/4-2446.60) (Grim Reapers)

Geoff (3/4-2475.00) (Surf N Turf)



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5 hours ago, PWJ said:

THE UNFORTUNATE FIVE (those with the most $$ scored against them)

Pete (2/5-2317.20) (Wurzels)

Wrinkles (2/5-2343.40) (Yahabebees)

Max (3/5-2443.60) (Max Factors)

Hesi (3/4-2446.60) (Grim Reapers)

Geoff (3/4-2475.00) (Surf N Turf)

And people thought the curse of the first draftee was a myth… 😬

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