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Thanks for posting that Ian


He labels 2 things in his blog that I can identify with

1.  One body controlling racing.  While in NZ we have NZTR(Love Racing), it is an ineffectual organisation, that mainly just handles the administration of racing.  So racing in NZ is effectively, each club standing on it's own, doing it's own thing

2.  Dramatically increase marketing spend on mainstream media(this would also incorporate the issue of horse treatment).  The number one cause of why racing has slipped into the doldrums, lack of unified mainstream promotion.  If you don't believe me, look at what NZ Lotteries spend, to make sure Lotto(gambling), is sanitised and imbued with the feel good factor, such that it is welcomed into households across the country....primetime


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5 hours ago, VC! said:

Brilliant. I loved the bit about Harold Park, I know it was like that I was there on nights like that. Packed most nights to be honest ,and I went religiously every Friday night.

And the "solution" reminds me of Brodie and his rabbiting on about restrictions. He never quite grasped the fact he was one of those low margin punters, but ultimately in the end part of the life blood that had been ostracized. 

Very interesting and informed articles. Cheers guys.

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