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Spring NPC Super Comp Round 7 - Sat Oct 22 - selection thread


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Round 7 - Sat Oct 22

This is it ! The last chance to secure a Finals spot. The Chiefs are home and hosed while The Magpies can't make it but the other 6 teams are scrapping over the 3 remaining Finals berths.

Most attention will focus on the Ferdies (playing their Joker) vs Swamp Foxes separated by just two points and a yawning chasm of aggregate in The Foxes favour.

Perhaps even more intensely focused is the Battle of Wellsford where the Blues and Kauri Kats also separated by two points will face off in a naked, Joker-less slog-fest with the loser almost certainly missing out on the Finals.

And then there's the Otago Highlanders who need some advice from Ed Hillary given the mountain they have to climb ! They need a wildly successful Joker play with maximum points against the table-topping Waikato Chiefs crew (hey they lost last week!) AND The Swamp Foxes to lose to The Ferdies without taking a point, AND The Blues to defeat the Kauri Kats (who must fail to score a point) without taking a bonus point. Hey, it could happen !

Meanwhile.....The Turbos will be putting on their helmets to withstand a bitter Magpie outfit looking to bomb some vengeance after missing out on the Finals. The Turbos would not want to come away "pointless" from this encounter given there are 4 other teams on their tails within 4 points. A loss without a bonus point could leave them very exposed. Underestimate Ian and crew at your peril.

Some great races to end the Round Robin with 6 at 2000m or more, mirroring this comp which is a staying contest of sorts, including two beyond 2400m. We end the day with the two big features. Sure to be a smorgasbord of top horses and a ball of fun. Good luck everyone !


Selections Close off at 12.45 p.m. (NZ time)

Races are:

1. Riccarton R5 - 1.45pm - NZB Airfreight Road to Jericho - $40k, 3000m, R82 BM

2. Te Rapa R5 - 2.41pm - Super Seth Soliloquy Stks (Gr3) - $85k, 1400m, 3yo fillies SWs

3. Te Rapa R6 - 3.16pm - Bill Lacy Memorial Mile - $30k, 1600m, R75 BM

4. Te Rapa R7 - 3.51pm - James and Annie Sarten Memorial Stks (Gr2) - $120k, 1400m, 3yos SWs

5. Riccarton R10 - 4.43pm - Sothys Spring Classic (LR) - $65k, 2000m, open hdcp

6. The Valley R6 - 5.10pm - Schweppes Crystal Mile (Gr2) - $300k, 1600m, WFA

7. The Valley R7 - 5.45pm - Drummond Golf Vase (Gr2) - $500k, 2040m, 3yos SWsdcp

8. The Valley R8 - 6.25pm - McCafe Moonee Valley Gold Cup (Gr2) - $1m, 2500m, 4yos SW+Ps

9. Randwick R8 - 6.45pm - Moet & Chandon Spring Champion Stks (Gr1) - $2m, 2000m, 3yos SWs

10. The Valley R9 - 7.10pm - Ladbrokes Cox Plate (Gr1) - $5m, 2040m, WFA


Ferdies* (3rd) vs Swamp Foxes (4th)

Tom (5/1-1133.00/1376.20) v Jamison (4/2-1217.00/842.80)

Maurice (3/3-1405.00/1709.00) v Maria (3/3-2446.00/1392.60)

Heather (2/4-1272.00/1352.80) v Rees (3/3-1836.00/1954.60)

Zac (3/3-1689.20/1308.00) v Our Maizcay (4/2-1054.60/722.00)

PJ (3/3-1263.00/1400.00) v Punter Pete (2/4-1055.20/1364.40)


Chiefs* (1st) vs Highlanders* (8th)

Robert (4/2-2248.60/1504.20) v Rob (1/5-1112.20/3222.80)

Lightning Blue (4/2-1597.20/1472.80) v Hesi (2/4-2082.40/1913.00)

Jack (2/4-1118.20/1868.80) v Rex (3/3-1724.80/1084.00)

Tassie Tiger (4/2-1633.80/898.00) v Midnight Caller (2/4-904.00/1092.80)

Gee (5/1-1316.60/332.00) v Craig (2/4-1691.40/1532.40)


Magpies (7th) vs Turbos (2nd)

Jason (2/4-859.80/630.60) v Blind Squirrel (2/4-1638.40/1865.00)

Ian (3/3-1238.40/1360.60) v Ray (3/3-2062.20/1172.00)

Stevie N (3/3-798.80/1026.60) v Gary (3/3-2362.20/2964.00)

Richie (5/1-1093.20/939.80) v Steve P (3/3-1183.40/1475.40)

Secret Squirrel (2/4-1180.20/1576.60) v Ziggy (4/2-1517.40/1070.00)

Kauri Kats (5th) vs Blues (6th)

Graeme (3/3-2303.40/1284.00) v Gordy (3/3-941.00/1267.60)

Max (3/3-1223.40/2114.60) v Smiler (4/2-1671.40/1343.40)

Sharne (2/4-1104.20/1856.80) v Moose (3/3-861.00/1183.20)

Pam (4/2-1780.00/987.80) v Roland (4/2-2117.00/1207.00)

Jen (2/4-612.00/1478.80) v Pete (1/5-1162.00/1898.80)



2446.00 Maria (Swamp Foxes) (3/3)

2362.20 Gary (Turbos) (3/3)

2303.40 Graeme (Kauri Kats) (3/3)

2248.60 Robert (Chiefs) (4/2)

2117.00 Roland (Blues) (4/2)

2082.40 Hesi (Highlanders) (2/4)

2062.20 Ray (Turbos) (3/3)


THE SERENDIPITOUS SIX (those with the least $$ scored against them)

Richie (5/1-939.80) (Magpies)

Tassie Tiger (4/2-898.00) (Chiefs)

Jamison (4/2-842.80) (Swamp Foxes)

Our Maizcay (4/2-722.00) (Swamp Foxes)

Jason (2/4-630.60) (Magpies)

Gee (5/1-332.00) (Chiefs)


THE UNFORTUNATE FIVE (those with the most $$ scored against them)

Hesi (2/4-1913.00) (Highlanders)

Rees (3/3-1954.60) (Swamp Foxes)

Max (3/3-2114.60) (Kauri Kats)

Gary (3/3-2964.00) (Turbos)

Rob (1/5-3222.80) (Highlanders)




1st 24 Chiefs^ $7914.40 (qualified for finals)

2nd 17 Turbos^* $8664.00

3rd 17 Ferdies^ $6603.60

4th 15 Swamp Foxes*^ $7589.60


5th 15 Kauri Kats*^ $7023.00

6th 13 Blues*^ $6746.40

7th 7 Magpies*^ $5170.40 (unable to qualify for finals)

8th 5 Highlanders^ $7314.00

^ Triple Joker played

* Regular Joker play


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1 hour ago, Hesi said:

Any weather concerns PJ?

You should be more concerned with the opponent (s) lol. Beautiful Day at Geelong and have backed the horse at the bottom of the list Herman Hesse in the Cup 🏆 on soon.

Has your name written all over it mate 😉 . Time to get on  💰🍾💰..........

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