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Waikato Super Club merger


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Announcement of Waikato super Club merger

A significant decision has been reached regarding the establishment of a new racing Club, named Waikato Thoroughbred Racing (WTR), following the official merger approval between Waikato Racing Club, Cambridge Jockey Club, and Waipa Racing Club.

The amalgamation was endorsed by the Board and members of all three Clubs during their respective Special General Meetings (SGMs), with the intention of bringing extensive benefits to the racing region of the Waikato. The merger will take effect on August 1 2023.

The overwhelming majority of members present at the three SGM’s voted in favour of the merger, as they firmly believe that this formation will give rise to a robust and well-resourced super Club in New Zealand's largest thoroughbred racing and breeding region.

At the helm of the merger is Waikato Racing Club Chairman, John Elstob, who as the WTR Working Group Chair commented on the formation of Waikato Thoroughbred Racing.

“Collectively, the merger of the three Clubs places the newly formed Club in a significantly better position to accomplish our primary objectives, surpassing the capabilities of any individual Club or combination of two Clubs.”

“The merged Club will have improved scale and strength, as well as the flexibility to advance its racing and training operations.

“These positive effects will extend beyond the Club itself, benefiting the racing industry throughout the entire country,” Elstob said. 

The amalgamation is strongly supported by both the Cambridge Jockey Club and Waipa Racing Club.

“Without doubt it is now the time for these discussions to result in a tangible step forward for thoroughbred racing in the region, the engine room of the of the sport in New Zealand,” commented Bruce Harvey, President of Cambridge Jockey Club.

“The three Clubs have also obtained support from key thoroughbred racing bodies providing a great step forward in achieving a sustainable New Zealand thoroughbred racing industry,” said Waipa Racing Club President, Carolyn Christian.

New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing Chief Executive Officer, Bruce Sharrock, also endorsed the game-changing union and the benefits it has on the domestic racing industry.

“I would like to acknowledge the Chairs of the respective Clubs for their vision, leadership and hard work in executing this merger.”

“The Boards and members have illustrated with overwhelming support that, whilst each Club has a proud history, together they set themselves and the industry up for a brighter future.

“This is another very significant step forward for the industry in gaining efficiencies and better utilising assets as a collective,” Sharrock said.  

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Reading back through the Messara Report and other news items, the idea is, that land owned by all 3 clubs which is freehold, is sold to fund the purchase of a new site

No point, otherwise it is just a paper amalgamation.

Cambridge would also be closed and sold

Te Rapa – Venue with 19 race meetings in 2017/18. Excellent location. 56 57 Training. Average infrastructure. Would require significant improvements to racing and facilities infrastructure if retained long term but we propose that the Waikato Greenfields venue will be built and Te Rapa closed in 2026/27. Freehold.

Te Awamutu – Venue with 7 race meetings in 2017/18. Good location. Training. Poor infrastructure. Requires some improvements to racing and facilities infrastructure if it is to retained long term but we propose that the Waikato Greenfields venue be built and Te Awamutu closed in 2026/27. Freehold

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45 minutes ago, Buller Rep said:

Has it stalled or is there further information available?

What are the plans regarding a "greenfields" racecourse with training facilities or is that now forgotten?

Give Butch a ring. He's the CEO.

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