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Black Craps in Bangladesh


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19 minutes ago, barryb said:

Oh dear, you are a wanker Max, you are a classic silly old fuck AB supporter stuck in a 1980s time warp.

I can imagine the convos around your dinner table, you old dinosaur.

You've got me beat with that comment Barry. No idea where you're coming from.

Having said that, it's got nothing to do with me so I'll piss off and go to bed.


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69/6 chasing 137 to win. Phillips and Santner going OK but the wicket's a minefield. Could be all out for 80 or ...

Phillips to smash/nick/glide/nerdle em outta the match. Understand those cricketing terms, barry or does the dinosaur have to explain 'em?

Enjoy the merlot, mate...Max is on ze Moet after Lingjun Xiongfeng's fab win in the last at Pukekohe.


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Most NZ wine is overhyped by the marketing, our only claim to fame is Sauvignon Blanc, which all taste of blackcurrant and cassis   

I mean to say, we have been making wine in NZ for only 50 years, the French have been doing it for hundreds of years, I think somehow they may have mastered it by now.

If you want to try some superb wine, it is quite a bit more expensive but worth the experience, have a look at the red burgundies (pinot noir grape), and white burgundy (chardonnay).  Peter Maude Fine Wines is the best place to look

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25 minutes ago, barryb said:

I didn't either for many years, NZ reds are harsh & have a bite with a young taste to them.

A top Barossa Shiraz would change your mind. You can get some great ones for bugger all to be honest.

Something like this would blow any NZ Syrah out of the water.


Tried loads of Aussie shiraz. Don't like it.

I'm just a philistine 😆

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our only claim to fame is Sauvignon Blanc, which all taste of blackcurrant and cassis

Sav Blanc is indeed overrated, Hesi-quaffer....and they smell of cat pee, hence Maxi's astute decision to abandon ship there and move to Chardonnay and Pinot Gris.

Ozzie reds leave Kiwi reds for dust, anything half decent requires a mortgage, the rest is jet fuel, esp the crap in supermarkets. You'll be nice and toasty in the Barrossa barryb ..give my regards to Hahndorf, a gorgeous little town...had the most magnificent meal there once upon a time, in a restaurant attached to one of the wineries, Hahndorf Hill if memory serves.

And that just about wraps up this thread about the wonderful Black Caps in the Desh of Bengal.


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I had an enjoyable 3 years investing in wine, 2003-05.  Used to spend hours each day researching out the new vintage, all bought enprimeur.

Then the Chinese thought it was a good idea to join in and the prices skyrocketed and the opportunity to find something of value disappeared.


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Aussie reds a couple of point heavier in the alcohol content and can run to 15% but not headachy like out reds

Barry has given you a heads up Advintage Wines Hawke’s Bay the best online wine market by far after Vino Fino here in ChCh which is excellent for French wines.

For everyday wines go to Advintage on line … just superb and incredible prices just forget about supermarket wine buying

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