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Winter/Spring Super Comp options


Super Comp Options for the rest of 2020  

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  1. 1. Super Comp Options for the rest of 2020

    • A - (see below) Short National Champs followed by long Draft Comp
    • B - (see below) Long National Champs.

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At the conclusion of the Autumn (haha) Super Comp my plan is to run a National Championship Super Comp for Provincial Teams (Blues, Hurricanes, Ferdies, etc). I am tossing up between two options.

a) An 8 team short Winter National Championship run in a league style with just 7 rounds [Jul 4- Aug 1] and no finals. League points decides the winner after 7 rounds. This will see (hopefully) many teams still in with a chance of winning it on the final round. This will then be followed by the full Spring Draft Comp running through until November/December (14 rounds, semis, GF)

b) An 8 team Winter/Spring National Championship with 14 Rounds (starting Jul 4) and then a 4 week Finals Series involving the top 5 or 6 teams which will run all the way to November.

So it's either one big National Champs or a short National Champs followed by a Spring draft comp. 

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17 minutes ago, PWJ said:

The Chiefs - Stevie N, Gee, Jack, Ian & Punter Pete - are the reigning Champs BTW after beating The Hurricanes earlier this year

The reigning champs after beating the Hurricanes 👍


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15 hours ago, Hesi said:

Great news Robert, there was quite a bit of concern for you.  Even that lovable scoundrel Rees was worried:classic_smile:

Thanks Alan.

I'm sure I saw Rees in the control room while I had two brain MRI scans, trying to find out how the winners can regularly pop out, as soon as he fields are released, for the competitions.!!!!!


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On 6/8/2020 at 7:36 PM, Double R said:

  After just on three weeks in hospital, I am out,, and ready to resume where ever the competitions are, or not,whatever the case maybe. I will check in the morning, as my own bed beckons after just on three weeks.


welcome back, Robert from all the Maxis

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Max's view is that it's better to have two separate Comps at this time - mostly becos the NZ Racing thru the 'resumption' phase is likely to be awkward in terms of form analysis/field sizes and quality. A new Comp in the early Spring running across both side of the ditch sounds FAB, and is a proven winning formula. Combining will take too long to find a winner ...


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