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BOAY Spring Comp


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Humour me on this people.

The Spring Comp on BOAY is being run by the serial abuse merchant Mk2 Zephyr who attracted a stunning 7 entries to his comp.

A bloke called Boxie entered and then queried why his score was not recorded in the rather paltry result list.

Boxie asked why he wasn't in the results and was given a serve of epic proportions by the organizer.

Here's the delicious irony.

Boxie is........

Chief Stipe's alter ego.


michael jordan lol GIF


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12 minutes ago, mardigras said:

Not much happening overall there. As for mk2, there really isn't much need for comment I expect.

It's all good mate. Just got a bit bored and had some cheap fun.

I probably should know better at my age. 🤣

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2 hours ago, Globederby19 said:

That Ace to Aces is something else on BOAY.  I would be to embarrassed to admit to being part of the human race if I was him. Geeze the sites can turn to custard very quickly

A brilliant mind Rees, or using another analogy, one bad apple can quickly spoil the barrel

That is why we have drawn a line in the sand about respectful discussion and debate, and no one has crossed it, which tells you, that people just want to talk about all things racing, without all the personal shyte.  Otherwise things quickly degenerate and people turn off.

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