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Lucky Seven Round 2 of this iconic individual comp Sat Dec 2

Call home TC


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We all love ya and would like to see you back, directly involved in comps

For those not in the loop, TC(The Crucible), is a long time player in PJ's comps, and has very ably run a number of other comps.  He hold the record by the length of the straight for consecutive head to head wins in PJ's comp - 21!!

Wasn't treated very well in the past on another site, but that's all in the past now, with a site that has the right spirit.

Let's see if support on this thread can bring peer pressure to change his mind

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I am sure there are quite a few on this site that have had unpleasant experiences on other sites ,that at first glance were started with the right intentions but for one reason or another were infiltrated by subversive elements, and not stopped at the source. 

Call it third time lucky if you will , but I have found a permanent home amongst some of the characters on this site and also amongst those not quite so vocal.

TC, ( The Crucible), I think you can also find a permanent home here as well, among like minded folk without an axe to grind.

Easy decision really.

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