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The Race Place

Love to know what they're charging for this


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Any experiences that allow people to get up close to the industry people and the horses themselves - is a great idea.

Here's an experience I've had - and I don't see why it can't be done elsewhere.

I went to Dubai quite a few years ago for a World Cup meet. It was in the days of Nad Al Sheba, but I expect they still do it at Meydan.

I signed up for an experience that was  effectively a tour of the facilities plus extras. It went along these lines.

Meet at the track early morning - meet up in a restaurant for a coffee/tea/juice to hear about how the event unfolds and organise a few things.

Then downstairs to hop in your own golf cart. Off around the various parts of the track (with audio in the cart, to hear about the different facilities).

Then off to the inside of the track. Mingle around with the people there, to view horses being given training gallops on the course. (With commentary as to who was who etc, this was pre a big meeting. I was there on a Thursday morning with racing on the Saturday night).

Following the training session, off in our carts, off the racecourse and out to a couple of the associated training stables. Walk the stables, listen to the trainers, and actually get up to the horses (within 10 feet or so). These were big name trainers associated with the likes of Godolphin. (I expect Godolphin were instrumental in getting this kind of experience up and running).

Following the stables visit, back in the carts and back to the course. Head up stairs to do a tour of the grandstand areas. Visit the room where the judicial decision are made, what the setup is like. Visit the jockeys rooms. See the silks and the areas where certain jockeys sit/prepare. Touch the silks worn by the likes of Frankie Dettori if that interests you etc. Visit the various viewing areas to gain a perspective of the track and the overall facility.

Then head to one of the restaurants where you enjoy a full breakfast of your choice. yes barry, I'm sure they would have even catered for you with some nice fruit (and even a salad).

The racing industry there is a tourism industry. They want people to come to the country to experience Dubai. And the racing is one of the things they have from a tourism perspective. NZ Racing and tourism - I don't think so - they need to get creative.

This was one of the best experiences I've had in racing that wasn't a day at the races itself. I've been to the races at Flemington probably over 100 times, been in the members etc, been to very early morning training and jumpout sessions around spring carnival. But if they offered a tour of the facility with a few other of these things included, I'd do it there as well. 


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38 minutes ago, curious said:

Do we not get lunch or breakfast or something included in that? Or could we for a few extra bucks? Just a free? drink and a ride in a golf cart?


Apparently its negotiable for your particular requirements so I'm sure a meal could be included, for more money of course.

It does say you get a reserved table in your hospitality area of choice.

I can ask for more detail if there's enough interest.

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