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Shootings in Auckland today


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Tragic occurrence for the family and friends of those involved, but

Happened to be on the road today listening to Newstalk ZB, which I turned off in the end, because of so many people calling in and all this fucking hand wringing about this is not the NZ they knew or know.

Short memories methinks and lucky they did not cast their minds back to the 90's, when there were no less than 6 mass killings in NZ, the last in 97, before the 2017 mosque shootings.

A lot of stupid people around, and a reminder of why talkback radio is bad brain food


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What Max find most curious so far is why we dont yet know the names of the victims. And why their bodies are still on site.

Is it fair to assume the construction site is where the perpetrator worked? If so, is it equally fair to assume he knew the victims?


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Yes he was on home detention but given leave to go to work each day on the construction site.

4:55 pm today

Victims of Auckland shooting were two men aged in 40s, police confirm

4:55 pm today 
  • Police said the two victims in their 40s worked alongside the shooter, who was also killed. Photo: RNZ / Marika Khabazi

The victims of the yesterday's shooting in the Auckland CBD were two men in their 40s, police have confirmed.

The men worked at the construction site alongside the shooter, Matu Tangi Matua Reid, who was also killed.

Reid, 24, walked on to the building in lower Queen Street on Thursday morning and opened fire with a pump action shotgun.

Police said post mortems were expected to be completed in the coming days.

A scene examination was continuing at the site, and the cordon around the immediate vicinity was expected to remain in place in the coming days, as police worked through the various building areas.

"CBD residents and workers can expect to see a continued police presence in the area as this work is undertaken," Relieving Auckland District Commander Acting Superintendent Sunny Patel said.

One police officer remains in hospital in a stable condition, and one officer is recovering at home from their injuries, he said.

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