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NRL 2023 Comp Round 23 Enter here


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$220 NRL bet this week to anyone who correctly picks 8 correct results.  Draws included, but it is after 80 min, no extra time.  If you are good enough to pick a draw after 80 minutes, then it becomes too much luck with golden point, so should be rewarded.  Jackpots each week by $20.  Please note prize shared in the unlikely event more than one picks correctly

2.  Richie will put up a $10 multi bet on the NRL the following week to the person picking the most correct results, shared if more than one.  Can only be claimed if no one hits my jackpot



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Most had last 2 games correct with Globederby and Rusty only getting 1 game wrong this round winning a $10 NRL bet each.This was easily our highest scoring round of the comp.

7 wins, Globederby,  Rusty, 

6 wins, Richie, Black Caviar,  Hesi, Zabeel,  Maximus,  Craigos

5 wins, Mardy, Tonkatime 

4 wins, Dancing show,  Godzstar 

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