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Will this help anything?


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Won't make too much difference.

The basic of basics remains the issue - who are our customers, what do they want, how do we deliver

After 60 years of active involvement across all fronts I have given the game away, no longer have any interest and will probably never go on course again - certainly not in NZ but Melbourne and Sydney definitely

Jessica is a good choice, WRC committee, a hard working lawyer and genuinely in touch with racing and racing folk, she may be a voice of support. The rest, no thanks been there done that like the TAB independent marketing guy who rang me recently and didn't know what a trifecta was FFS

A GM of broadcasting - he don't need an inbox on his desk

Move on folks 


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If I am correct, TAB New Zealand is just the commercial wagering part of what used to be the NZRB, with racing responsibilities devolved to the codes and coordinated by the newly set up Racing NZ, so would need to be a lot slimmer organisation.

You would need to see what the final cost structure is before commenting, but costs are just one half, the other being generating revenue


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