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Loving LB's trivia quiz questions so here is a real toughie:

It's very simple:

Three photos:

1) A standardbred - name please ?

2) A throroughbred - name please ?

3) The horse in the black and white photo is the connection between the first two. Who is he and what is the connection ?

An Arrowfield cap is the prize if you can get Q3 correct







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14 hours ago, Globederby19 said:

Peak had a French sire, Ganymede, Zed had a French dam. Apart from the fact all horses started with Darley Arabian and Burley Turk not sure.hmmmm

You are sort of on the right track but I need a specific answer. The Burley Turk 😆 I like that !

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4 minutes ago, PWJ said:

The horse in the B & W pic shares a name with one of our Super Comp competitors !!

...today's clue

Bonus clue - the horse in the B & W pic died the same day that the trainer of Waikato Stud's former sire No Excuse Needed was born !!

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