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Lucky Seven Round 2 of this iconic individual comp Sat Dec 2

Sir Castleton


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*(You have your own thread with UK Selections)

* How long does it take you?

20-30 minutes.

* What meetings do you focus on?

Turf, All weather, and National Hunt.

* Do you have a favourite UK track?

Royal Ascot, Newmarket, Chester, and Lingfield

* How have your results been?

Have been mixed some days good and others not so.

* Do you bet on the UK races?

UK only.

* What connection do you have to the UK and racing in the UK? In other words what brings about this UK racing interest?

I don’t have any direct connection to UK racing. My interest began early to mid 2000 when Jenlove and I entered an online tipping competition run by 123 racing. One of the competitions was run during the five day Royal Ascot festival 2004/5. I won the comp on day 4 and Jen won on the final day. We both won 1800 pound each for placing first. That’s how my interest began in UK racing.

Are you based in the UK, Aus or NZ?

Sydney, Australia.

What is your involvement in the industry?

 No direct involvement.

Who is your favourite horse or best horse you have seen?

 No particular favourite though I liked Uncle Remus

What is your Fondest or happiest memory?

 Meeting Jenlove online back in 1998 via ICQ. Meeting her in person Malaysia October 1999. Then finally getting married to her in March 2001.

Biggest Punting Win?

September 2017. Winning 10% of 600k+ UK multi through BSP multi on Betfair. Was an 8 race each way multi called a Goliath. Managed to select 4 winners that day of the 8 races involved. Since Betfair have ceased their BSP multis. I now only concentrate on selecting horses to win only.

What is one of the funniest moments?

Seeing Jen’s face turn pale after we both got off a fun ride at Genting Highlands, Malaysia during one of my visits. 

What is one of the saddest moment?

Having to leave Jen behind three times after holidaying in Malaysia whilst I was working in Sydney. Most saddest day agreeing to turning off my mum’s life support system on All Saints Day Nov 2006.

What do you enjoy on this chat forum?

 Everyone is friendly and the good nature banter that goes on during one of PJ’s comps.

Have you had owned a horse & if so how many times have you watched replay of it winning?

Never owned a horse. Just enjoy watching these magnificent animals run.

Have you watched the movie Dark Horse about Dream Alliance?

Just Dream Alliance though I enjoyed watching; Phar Lap, Sea Biscuit, and Secretariat.

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13 hours ago, Dancing Show said:

Roland and Jen 🙂  Kisah yang indah, semoga anda sentiasa gembira 🥂  my malay is distant memory now but I hope that's right 🙂 

according to the rather authoritative Maximus Malaysian Dictionary, it means: "Any idea what my Best Bets should be this Saturday?"


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