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Very hard to set a market, as so many teams have lots of new combinations, but here goes.

$4.00 - Dream Team.  Have to be favourites, as they have ,managed to retain the core of very experienced comp players in captain Ian, Stevie N and Ziggy, that have blitzed so many other comps.  Throw in the boss PJ, whose form has been in and out of late, and also former champ Howie, who has started with a bang, and you truly have the Dream Team.  This team could go to the front and never be headed, especially if they fluke, pull off another triple joker play

$6.00 - Desperados.  The sly old fox Rex(Sir Galli) has picked a great team here, and already throwing curve balls, to throw us off the scent.  Sharne, first pick, what a surprise, not.  Mystery Mike, the ones with no exposed form usually run well, watch the tote as they say.  Seasoned comp player Maurice from outback Taranaki and surprise surprise, the secret , the Squirrel, who has excellent connections and breeding .  Definite contenders, but some of their stars will have to perform, including captain Rex

$6.00 - Coyotes.  Special place for this team, I've taken the unusual step in allocating their team song.  First time skip Graeme, trying to tame a wild bunch.  Rees, the harness guy, but continues to amaze with some of the scores he puts up.  Stevie Raymondo, coolest dude on the planet and a great player from way back.  Craig, don't let the friendly exterior fool you, cuts like a knife, Reapers material.  And last but by no means least, Maria, knows everyone, knows every horse, lethal on the select, watch out.  A potential comp winner

$8.00 - Reapers.  The skip has managed to score a fine team, in ace selectors Tom and Moose who regularly put together great scores in other comps, can't stress this enough, beware.  The tiger from Tassie, who is crook at the moment, another who has also scored very well elsewhere.  And Antz(Allover), not dead ants, very much alive ants, the skip has managed to unearth a diamond in the rough here.  Bit of a lad this one, from nether regions


$10 - Union Jacks.  Brilliant name for new captain Jack's  team.  Tonka headed the aggregates in the last draft comp, Geoff is back and needs no introduction as to his fine qualities as a purveyor of winning thoroughbreds.  Punter Pete often flies under the radar but always scores well , and the enigmatic Gee(Zabeel), try picking longshots and see how well you do, but this fella seems to come up with them on a regular basis.  Strikes fear into the hearts of everyone he plays.  Another potential comp winner, but will have to come out of the gates running

$10 - Believers.  New accomplished captain Smiler in charge of this outfit.  Dare to believe, I'm a believer, perhaps Daydream believers more apt for this motley but well credentialed team.  Blind  Squirrel, Robert and Lightning Blue are all well known selectors, if not up and down.  Trotslover, another imposter from the square gaiting brigade, that will probably prove me wrong

$10 -  Kelly's Heroes.  Starring Roland as Kelly, Wrinkles as Big Joe, Gary as Oddball, Gordy as Crapgame.  Obviously they did not have women in mind when they named this team, as there are no heroines.  Never mind Heather, you can do all the picking while these guys provide all the entertainment.  Reasonable contenders, maybe the ones to fly under the Radar, or was that another war comedy

$30 - Max Factory.  Otherwise known as Max's mob.  They have the 2 lovely ladies in Jen and Pam, who can put on their stilletos and dance up a storm, beware.  Regular Rob the robber, a bit like a sailor, has a horse in every port, and another relative unknown in Harewood, but even Phar Lap was an unknown at the start of his career.  Still too many question marks over this team to rate them a chance of winning this comp

$40 - Ramones.  Sorry guys but another outsider.  New captain Richie will need to increase the training schedule dramatically for his team, if they are to feature in the finish.  Jason and Sarah are both coming back from a break and will need the run.  Mardy is really a harness guy, and Steve Paul will struggle to carry this team.   Potential last placers.


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  • Hesi unlocked this topic
7 hours ago, Hesi said:

No change, it is all over the place at the moment.  2 of the teams yet to score have higher aggregates than the top team.  Your team Maxi, has the lowest aggregate by some margin, so no confidence there.

didnt you ever learn that aggregates don't matter? LOL

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$4.00 - Reapers. Have to put this team as new favourites after the form shown in Round 3

$5.00 - Coyotes. Impressive in Round 3, with just an out of form Rees the concern

$6.00-  Kelly's Heroes. Looking threatening after beating the Dream Team.  Heather being a heroine and Gordy in superb form yesterday 

$8.00 - Dream Team.  Not quite clicking yet, but too much talent in this team to right off

$8- Union Jacks.  Could have shortened more, but only an average triple joker play puts them at a disadvantage

$10.00 - Desperados.  Hugely talented team, but just not delivering at the moment, with a poor game in Round 3

$15 - Believers.  Not quite believing yet, but the talent is there

$30 - Ramones.  Can they recover from being cut to pieces by the Reapers

$40 - Max Factory. A really poor aggregate, this team has yet to fire

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