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WINTER SUPER COMP DRAFT thread Tues 28 June 8 pm start NZT


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Summer Super Comp Draft 8.00pm NZ time (6.00pm Oz) Tuesday June 28

We have enough players for 8 teams 

First round next weekend will be Hastings and Sunshine Coast.

How the draft will work -

Each Captain will have 90 secs to submit a draft pick (if they have not already submitted an email to me containing their draft order). Captains, submit your draft order to me as a PM if you don't want to participate in the Live Draft

If you don't pick and post in 90 seconds the next Captain will be invited and then the option will return to you once and once only once the next Captain has taken their turn. If you fail to select a 2nd time I will randomly draw a player from the Draft Pool for your team.


1. Hesi (Reapers)

2. PJ (Wily Wombats)

3. Gordy (Wolf Pack)

4. Ian (Puppet Masters)

5. Max (More Moet)

6. Richie (Ramones)

7. Pete (Drink!)

8. Our Maizcay (Schitt's Creek)

9. Our Maizcay

10. Pete

11. Richie

12. Max

13. Ian

14.  Gordy

15. PJ

16. Hesi

17. Hesi

18. PJ

19. Gordy

20. Ian

21. Max

22. Richie

23. Pete

24. Our Maizcay

25. Our Maizcay

26. Pete

27. Richie

28. Max

29. Ian

30.  Gordy

31. PJ

32. Hesi





Jamison Moose



Midnight C






Secret Squirrel

Blind Squirrel

Punter Pete








Jakey Boy  No1Plumber

Steve P

Tassie Tiger




Lightning Blue


Gospel of Judas


Stevie N

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1 hour ago, VC! said:

Who will be the lucky 4 to join the Puppet Masters

There are no binding contracts 

No Strings Attached 


I know who it won't be

Who I pick



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1 hour ago, Lightning Blue said:

Two of the marionette characters in "The Daisy Theater."

Who is the Puppet and who is the Master ?


Sorry about the slow reply Blue

I was watching a replay of the Demons Lions game, then straight after that Blues v Maroons 

Yes good question Is it the Puppet and his Masters or the Master and his Puppets, to let you in on a little secret, after induction all 5 will become Puppet Masters, hence we’ll be pulling the strings

Ps it’s a bit hard to tell in that photo above who’s the Puppet 🤔😆

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Just to help you out, mate, Max has searched the Draft for Punch and Judy. Nup. No Bert or Ernie, no Chuck or Ted E Bear, no Topo or Gigio. No Lamb Chop either. Could be a bunch of Muppets in there using aliases ...the mind boggles.
Is the Brown Fox really Basil Brush in disguise?


aka More Moet

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1 hour ago, Maximus said:

Max is ordering well ahead for the day that More Moet come up against Drink!

I'm sure PJ won't be able to resist making Drink! the home team.

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