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English Premier League Tipping Comp


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I have set up a Fantasy Comp on Superbru for the upcoming English Premier League which kicks off on August 6

To Join Race Place EPL Tipping 2022-23 on Superbru! You can find my pool here:


or by downloading the Superbru app and searching for the pool with code: minkmega

Any questions please ask. I hope many of you can join us.

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18 minutes ago, craigos1 said:

I've joined PJ.

Do we put in scores for each match ie: 1-0 1-1 2-1 etc?


Match Points

3 pts if you predict the exact score
1.5 pts if you get the result right and your score is close
1 pt if your result is right but your score isn't close
0 pts if you don't get the result right

Plus Slam Points if you pick 5 or more correct outcomes in a round (see below).

Slam Points

A great round deserves an extra reward and that's where the Slam Point comes in. If you pick a certain number of correct outcomes (correct winner or draw irrespective of score) you'll earn extra points as follows.

Round 1 to Round 38
5 - 7 correct outcomes = 1pt
8 - 9 correct outcomes = 2pts
10 - 16 correct outcomes = 3pts




How do you define "close" in Superbru?

We use our Closeness Index equation which factors in goal difference and total number of goals. Don't worry about the mathematics - just follow this rule of thumb: You're close if you've picked the right outcome (winner / draw) and:

  • Your score is 1 goal out...
  • ... or your score is 2 goals out, but you have the correct goal difference


What happens if there is a penalty shootout?

Your pick will be scored at the end of regular time or the end of extra time if the match is drawn after regular time. If a match goes to penalties it will be scored as a draw.

How does tie-breaking work?

If players have the same score total, rank is determined by the higher number of correct match outcomes predicted (right winner or draw regardless of score), then higher number of exact scores, higher number of close scores and finally lower total closeness. Note that it's not your total exact or close points that counts, it is how many instances of exact or close picks you have: so an exact counts as 1, not 3. Players still matching are tied for rank.

What if I don't make a pick?

You may still be able to earn a point through a default pick (a pick for the team the community most expects to win). You are eligible for 15 default picks in Premier League Predictor 2022-23.

What's happened to Win Points, Margin Points and Bonus Points!?

Our familiar WP, MP, BP system has been replaced with the new system above. Win Points are unchanged. Margin Points come in the form of the 0.5 pt reward for being close, which still uses our Closeness Index equation. Bonus Points have been retired in favour of rewarding the exact score and not splitting the point if more than one person in a pool qualifies. Because of this, your score will be the same in every pool and on the global leaderboard.

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I have found goals are pretty scarce at the start of Premier League and A League as the strikers seem to take a few games

to get their eye back in.Certainly will not be putting any hard earned on at this stage(If you can call the Pension hard earned🙈}

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