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Posted yesterday at 11:05 AM

Best value early

Race 6  Camino Rocoso $15.00 ($5.00) 

Race 8 Cutting Up Rough $26.00 (5.50) 


ngakonui grass

Posted 10 hours ago

We will start off with a prayer

R1  Our Hail Mary


Had 100 win on Germanicus, but can't prove it as I have already collected, but I guess a few are au fait with that

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Posted yesterday at 01:37 PM (edited)



Tempo: Very Fast

In Running:  4, difficult race to predict the likely rest in behind. For that reason I am likely to go with the 4 (The Mitigator) as he will be out in front and out of trouble.

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10 minutes ago, Say No More said:

members only

Lets be frank here John, some on the other channel could be referred to as "members" already with its multiple connotations applied .

With some discretionary income I shall be watching Barry's selections with interest. A nice sideline to my Harness. 

And dont let the  fact some may be "wagering" on your selections undermine the thinking Baz. 

Keep up the great work.

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I notice, that our friends, well they are not really friendly types, have still to acknowledge and congratulate you Barry on the The Mitigator/Solesefei in 2, effort.

Where's your class fellas, in recognising a superb piece of selecting, that most punters would regard as a highlight in their punting had they achieved it themselves


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